Killing Spree Titles

So far, from what I’ve gathered, there are 8 total killing spree badges. The number of kills required, as well as their names are listed below:

Killing Spree - 5

Killing Frenzy - 10

Running Riot - 15

Rampage - 20

Nightmare - 25

Boogeyman - 30

Grim Reaper - 35

Demon - 40

I think it would be apt to call a player on a 40 kill streak a demon in game, but then… what does that make Chief?

Oddly enough, while testing for the killing sprees, I did see that there were titles and sprees associated with Assists as well (such as wingman) but when trying to test for those, no matter the amount of assists I got, I couldn’t get the names to re-appear. Will continue testing to see what comes of it.