Killing Parg Vol

So, in the end of spartan ops episode 3, how did you guys kill the Sangheili terrorist. I blew him to -Yoink- with a fuel rod cannon. You guys?

First time, FRG explosion from another player.

Second time, headshot via BR.

Didn’t realize I did killed him till palmer said something. Was fighting a ton of covies at the top of the tower and some invisible elite rushed me, so I did what any sane spartan would have done, pop the shield and pop his dome.

I Assassinate his face with my knife

With love. We all joined hands and formed a drum circle, after seven renditions of the campfire song song, he ended up eating his own face.

Little known fact; that’s why their jaws work like that. Self-defense mechanism in case of excessive hippie-levels in the area.

Oh boy! The first time I did the assassination were I broke his neck twice. The second I needled him. The third I did the takle assassination. And 4 fourth time, well, I just killed him to death! :slight_smile:

I went Camo with a Sword, then i killed everyone , and when he was completly alone, i sneaked up to him like an invisible Elite would do… “payback is a -Yoink- isn’t it?”