Killing Frenzies and Running Riots should count as sprees for challenges

They really should, I needed 2 more sprees to complete a challenge and I got a frenzy in that game and thought that would complete the challenge, when it only increased the challenge counter by 1 for the initial spree. Considering a frenzy is significantly harder to pull off than a spree it would make sense it should at least add to your spree challenge counter right? Idk, just something to think about for future challenges.


I agree, they count the higher sprees in the MCC challenges, no harm in allowing them to stack here as well.


Yeah, sounds like a simple programming oversight. Easy to fix.

I resorted to suiciding so I could restart the counter after my first fenzy didn’t count as two sprees.

I agree.
In addition, The “get _____ double kills” should be replaced with “get ______ multi-kills.”