killed by 'classified'?

I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but what’s with the ‘classified’ damage type in campaign? I have been killed by it twice during the mission Long night of Solace and have no kills with it.

The image is the same as for the guardians, but in red text it says: “Unknown (bug me)”

Anyone know what it is?

You might need to be a bit more clear like a video or image of death.

I think the “classified” part was just a way of reporting a glitched death or something like that.

It is the pelican. You can crouch into the gunner seat at the final battle being invincible to all enemies. The only downside is that you may have a few seizures. You were probably betrayed by a team mate who got into the pelican.

Probably a teamkill from an AI, but the Pelican thing that GrimNut above me mentioned sounds reasonable!