Killed all Bobs

I demand cookies…and possibly a special helmet

How do you know you got them all?

I saw them…and I killed them.
for New Alexandria: got Golden Tree City Challenge
for Exodus: killed the banshee that kept going hypersonic

Why do you deserve anything?

There are at least 2 on Exodus.
Did you get the BOB that dropped in a pod on tNoS?


If you want to talk about Bob kills go and check out Lord Friendship’s action. There are way more Bobs than anyone thought! Lord Friendship has started an anthropological examination of each set of Bob spawns on each level. He is up to Nightfall so far.

Check out his efforts on YouTube here:

22 BOB locations, though not all are as specifically located as indicated.

> I demand cookies…and possibly a special helmet

You get vampire dust cookies and a nearly half broken Elven Helmet. Have fun :smiley:




How many hours did you waste chasing them -.-
Gold pansies running around dissapearing are SO not hardcore XD
Killed em, Shot em, splattered, jacked, blown up all for a stinking medal on that say congrats you killed BoB

GRD isnt in game, yet…
if anything your likly to get it by collecting all the dolls, but oh wait too late some nub in the first 24 hours destroyed that for everyone by locating and youtubing NUBZ.