Killcams? Really are people that stupid?

Just because it’s in the first person perspective doesn’t mean it’s a killcam. Have you guys played a game called Counter-Strike? In Counter-Strike, whenever you die you could spectate just like in Halo. The only difference is in Halo you could only spectate in third person mode. In Counter-Strike, you could spectate in third-person, first-person or go free-roam. So, if we all watch the new ReadyUpLive video, greenskull thankfully notes in the video that spectating in third person post-death is still available. So, with this information, it can be said that 343, simply added the feature to spectate in first person or third person.

There is an existing thread about this… so I’m not really sure why we need another.

Anyways, you’re right. We need to at least wait for clear pics or gameplay before we jump to these conclusions about killcams and stuff.

Also, I don’t see the big problem with killcams. You see how you died. Its no different than going into theater after the match.

Let’s wait till official word to discuss this and not go by leaked footage :slight_smile:
Locked for now.