Killcams Poll (Please Vote)

Kill-cams. a controversial topic in the halo community, and personally I have no idea why they are in the game, all they do is take away from communicating with your teammates and they hardly ever work. Below are a few options to sorting out this problem.

  1. If you like kill-cams in the game, how about they actually show how you die, instead of just a replay of your enemy tea-bagging you 5 seconds after you die. So in other words, just make them actually work (343 you’ve tried and failed 3 times to do this starting with halo 4)

  2. Provide an option to disable them, this way everyone is happy basically and is the most sensible option (could you also fix them aswell… that would be nice)

  3. Finally the third option, just don’t have them in the game entirely, they add no tactical value to the gameplay, and they are frustrating when you are trying to call out locations with your team, also my thumb hurts from having to spam the X button every time i die to skip the irritating things.

(vote by commenting the number you want, or state your own solution below)


But I think killcam is here to stay :frowning:


3 preferred,

But 2 is clearly functionally possible already in the game (some game modes don’t have it). I don’t know, however, if it’d be able to be controlled personally by the player in their own options or if it’s a gamemode specific option.

1 and 2

I don’t understand why things like this and the graphics for smart scope can’t just be toggled in the settings. That way everyone will be happy.



3 it doesnt make sense for them to be in halo. They have a function in Cod, because of the small TTK and small complicated map designs, it means that players are often hard to find. A kill cam allows you to spot those players who are hiding so you can kill them. But in halo, the kill times are longer and maps are simple meaning most of the time you spot where you were killed from, making kill cams useless in halo.

2 or 3.

Kill-cams ruin the flow of the game. And I can’t freaking see what happens to my grenade after I throw it. 343, please do this. PLEASE.




  1. I’m all for options. but if I was pushed I would say get rid of them entirely. They don’t really serve any purpose that really helps gameplay.

Option 2 is always nice, but also a waste of development time.

So I’d say option 3.

  1. Halo 3 mode is perfect.

3 and I’ll say it “it isn’t Halo”

2 or 3

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> 3 and I’ll say it “it isn’t Halo”

I agree