Kill Tips

So I’m still slightly newer to Halo and first person shooter games in general… I’m up to SR30 mainly playing in War Zone, but I still feel like I’m behind on kills (only at a .5 k/d ratio)

Any tips on getting more kills with the basic weapons like the Assault Rifle (I have the LR w/ Silencer) or Battle Rifle. I’ve been using the SMG more when I get the L4 and 5 Req.

master the BR since its and early unlock for warzone and and appears in almost every map in Arena.

Also practice with the pistol since its the default spawn range weapon.

Dont be too aggressive or chase kills if its going to compromise your position.

I find that using the AR leads to constant death because it puts you too close to the enemy and his team. since halo 5s player speed is up people move around the map so much quicker i prefer to keep my distance and work an area until i think its safe to move.

Along the same lines if you play more cautiously, you will also start to notice where your team is at. The longer you stay alive the longer you will understand the map and player movement. Once you die theres like 5 seconds of movement that you are not part of so when you respawn it can be difficult to get back into the action.

warzone is tough because there is so many players and its almost impossible to get a team oriented feel. But i would definitely recommend a BR and SMG loadout when you can unlock it.

Halo 5 I think has one of the steeper learning curves so just keep at it. Slowing my game down helped a lot as far as staying alive. I typically NEVER sprint because i dont like not having my gun ready. I also changed my controls recently which drastically improved my accuracy with the BR and pistol. I cant remember what setting it was specifically but i put the inner and outer zones at 0% and the there was another setting that was default “3” which i put down to “2” because thats what it was in every other halo. Keep in mind that im not referring to look sensitivity but something else i cant remember (sorry for not knowing). something to do with how fast the aim gets up to 100% speed.

Hope this helps. It can be really tough but just keep practicing. Remember to strafe back and forth when you are fighting someone. I even strafe when i’m sniping or shooting someone who doesn’t see me. Just a good habit to get into. I find sometimes that using player movement to adjust aim is as helpful as using the other stick.

Good Luck out there. Remember to run with your team even if they are not communicating. Ill literally just follow people around whether they know it or not.