Kill time

I know the kill time to drop an enemy shield and kill ihas been reduced compared to other installments on the franchise. I personally feel that 343 should tweak the this into making it longer to kill as it was in halo 3 for example. Halo doesn’t seem as fun when you die quickly in war zone even if it’s just 1 or 2 shots, it makes a very noticeable difference when engaging an enemy spartan or computers. Another example is when a player gets a rare weapon and dies at near spawn or just as they get into position. It’s something I wish would be tweaked just slightly extending the time to kill

…just don’t die :stuck_out_tongue:

now seriously, i honestly mean no offense, coming from someone who’s been playing PvP (multiplayer, if you will) in Destiny for the past year (pretty much since launch), the TTK in HALO5 feels very good.
granted, this is my first ever HALO game, so i cannot compare it to how it used to be in 3 or Reach, but i really don’t feel the TTK is any dramatic. when i play Arena and i get hit, i still have “plenty” of time to run around the first corner and unless i catch a grenade in the face or run into another opponent, i’ll most likely survive.
in Destiny, when you get hit the first time, you’re most likely as good as dead. they did some major weapon re-balancing after the first year, but i still remember one particular hand-cannon that had a TTK of 0.34 SECONDS!! and that was a primary weapon.
then you have the Special weapons (secondary, stronger) that are all pretty much a one-hit-kill, provided you’re within the range (shotgun) and you hit your precision shot (sniper rifle)