Kill the Spartan IV’s

Something that is awesome about Spartans are they are rare. Halo 4 and 5 made Spartans in abundence, kind of taking away from the specialness. In Infinite, I hope the Infinity launches a huge counter attack at Cortana’s forces that fails resulting in the death of 2/3 of the Spartan IV’s leaving only the strongest surviving (ie Thorne, Osiris). Cortana may even take pleasure in wiping out so many Spartan IV’s as she just see’s them of imitations of John.

I feel like in doing so would make Spartans feel rare again, would just simply be awesome and have that back against the wall feeling back. Not only that I would feel like it would even give some respect to the Spartan IV’s as they haven’t had nearly as harsh lives as I, II, and III’s.

I think this kind of “feedback” and suggestion really borders on the line of inappropriate and honestly your most makes me incredibly uncomfortable, worded as such.

The idea of anyone “taking pleasure” in something akin to a genocidal ideation is really not appropriate.