Kill players with frags but no explosion?!

Something cool I discovered, is that you can kill players with a frag grenade without it exploding! If you get their shield low enough, I mean 1 bar of health remaining, and chuck a frag at them, they’ll die from the impact of the grenade simply touching them! I thought it was funny/cool. I made a video of it in forge world for demonstrational purposes and uploaded it to my fileshare. The link is below this message. Tell me what you think (:

Click here to download/watch the video!

Isn’t it fun? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve actually killed someone with the impact of a sticky grenade before. I had to go back and watch that several times to be sure that’s what happened!

It’s so fun! Haha. The reactions just seem so accurate no matter which one it randomizes to on impact. I love it. I did it several times besides the video X)