Kill credit issues, Game breaking problems

Halo 5 is broken when it comes to who gets kills for something. This applies to Warzon bosses as well, despite what 343 says. Here are a few examples against other players.

The first clip is someone getting credit for MY laser kill, and the other is me getting credit for someone planting a grenade in a wraith. I would like to point out that i have “stolen” many vehicle kills by shooting them after the grenade was planted, But only have this specific incident on record. I have also had my kills not credited to me after plating a nade in a tank.

Another problem would be connection issues. On top of there being no connection meter or ping counter on the scoreboard, bad connections give players a HUGE advantage. They are able to exploit auto aim(not purposely mind you) because the game compensates their connection by providing auto aim benefits. Unfortunately, it does not only allow them to actually hit other players, it allows them to make shots that would otherwise not be possible. (We’ve all seen how you can curve sniper bullets into an enemies head) On the flip side, lagging players are not properly tracked by auto aim by players with a good connection, making it very difficult, if not outright impossible to kill them. This is more of a problem with weapons like the needler and plasma pistol, but it also affects hitscan weapons like the AR as well. Then there are things like this, which are complete -Yoink- and cannot be described with words.

Things like these really take away from what is a great game.