KilL Cams... WAY OFF?

So i’m not sure if this is just a ‘display’ issue… or if people are getting that lucky.

But in kill cams… people get the buggiest kills… Either NONE of their shots are remotely near me, or they are shooting through a wall, or they fire off like 3 really rapid shots at once…

All kinds of wonky things are happening, I don’t know if its just terrible lag, Just a display issue (eg they actually did shoot AT me rather than 15 yards to my right). Or if the game is actually awarding such BS kills.

Just curious… other than that… so far so good.

Or not?

for example last game… some guy shot an entire clip pretty much in the opposite direction of me… Then melee’d air… on the kill cam replay of what happened…

I think it is because of lag and the fact that the game uses your position on your screen rather than your position on the hosts screen.

I’m going to say lag. But then again, I have always found the kill cam in the Call of Duty games to be just as bad.

I ran into a similar issue with quake 2 on pc. At the time i was playing on 56k and due to that and how the game did the netcode, you had to aim ahead, based on how much lag you had… When reviewing the movie, the game did not show you aiming ahead…

Yeah, I mean i figure its lag one way or another i’m just not sure where it is.

If people are actually missing that much… ugh… i should’ve never died.

If they are just lazy about the kill cam… OK… but… on COD etc… the kill cam usually just shows what THEY saw… eg… I was still out in the open and they shot right at me… at got me… THAT I understand, (even if on my screen I was around the corner and safe… i understand 'okay… the game is just dealing with lag… and the gap between where I thought iw as… and where the killer thought i was.)

This makes no sense… It Shows me out of sight… them shooting at where i was 2 seconds ago and basically shooting air… And me dying.

It has to do with the way the netcode works. Because of the uncertainty due to information travel time, there’s a lot of fudging and averaging that goes on. Where you are on your Xbox, and where you are on an opponent’s Xbox are not necessarily the same thing. The system allows some deviation, and then will check at certain intervals where you are on your Xbox, and then smoothly adjust your new position on the opponent Xbox. However, if your opponent kills you on his box, it still counts, and will transmit that information to your Xbox, where you die.

All this happens very quickly and is fine tuned so that it’s usually not obvious what is going on. However, when you watch the kill cam you are watching the information on your Xbox, which is not exactly what happened on your opponent’s, which is the controlling situation.

Rest assured, the kill cams of your opponents when you kill them show exactly the same issues, and you aren’t missing your shots. It’s just modern netcoding.

I wouldn’t mind if they just scrapped them altogether. I almost always am pretty aware of how I just died, and have no interest in a replay of it.