Kill cams optional

I think kill cams should stay but there should be an option in settings to turn it on/off. I’m aware its not always accurate in Halo 4 but it shows you where you got killed from at the least. Thats helpful information to newer players.

They need to fix the kill cams first.

In my opinion, they are a more casual thing, and don’t belong in a competitive environment. If halo 5’s matchmaking takes the halo 3 style with ranked and social, then maybe only have the kill cams in the social side of things but keep the ranked nice and competitive and fair/even/balanced.

They don’t belong in competitive playlists, but for Casual playlists go ahead.
The reason why they don’t belong is because when killed you are allowed to see where the person that killed you is located. Which in my opinion is cheap, and communicating with your teammates to find where said person killed you from rather useless. Making the game less around skill and team coordination, but more about spoon feeding easy kills to your team.

My take on kill-cams.

I think that they should just be removed entirely because they could give away a persons position or such. If you really know how you were killed so badly, just go to theater. However I understand that you do not want to have to leave matchmaking just to save see go through a film to find that one stupid death or something. With the new power available on the Xbox One, however, they could easily find a way around that. It could be possible to save a separate clip, while in game, and view it in theater (of course just some speculation).