Kill cam is a joke

Is it just me or the kill cam isn’t a reproduction of my enemy’s screen?

It doesn’t look like they’re even aiming at me.

It’s funny that they decided to go with it anyway.

But I like it when people back up into me and beat me down with the rear-end of their skull.

Its like a bloopers reel. :slight_smile:

I found the death screen really useful in previous Halo because I knew what the guy was doing right after my death (besides teabaggers, it was nice to know if the guy picked up your weapon or not, which direction they went after that…)

iv’e watched a numerous of kills cams of me being shot behind a wall as i get hit by a magic jfk bullet.

you can still do that you know? Kill cams can be turned off

> you can still do that you know? Kill cams can be turned off

Really? I’ll check that out, thanks.

> you can still do that you know? Kill cams can be turned off

Where is that done? The kill cams are so inaccurate why would the developer put them in? Silly.

I personally love it. As stated by someone else it gives you a quick view of your opponents strategy right after being killed.

For instance if I got killed with my sniper and he didn’t pick it up then im going for it.

I cant tell you how many times I’ve been killed by a light rifle bullet passing through a wall… Or how my shots dont register…

kill cam isnt a joke /thread

I have never seen someone actually aiming at me from the kill cam accept maybe once. When I try to not aim, I miss. Right now, I assume its kill cam lag. I feel kill cams to be a bit unnecessary but it is nice to see physics fails in it.

I agree, the kill cam is useless. It’d be nice if it actually worked and gave you a legitimate “situational record”, but it doesn’t. I miss the 3rd person cam.

Agreed. It just looks like everyone has an aimbot on at the moment. Won’t be surprised if there’s a huge spike of accounts being reported for cheating out of spite.