Kill Animations from behind - Assassinations

It would be a shame if we couldn’t see our Spartan 3rd Person, throwing down the opponent to use the knife instead of a gun, like in Halo: Reach and also in Halo 4 and 5 - the good old assassinations.
Never ever is it a good idea to throw away game improvements from older titles.

This would be so awesome.


Yea I miss assassinations. 343i did comment on this saying that people just turn them off and somthing like they want to find a better way to have assassinations for gameplay can’t really remember exactly.
I think what would be good for assassinations would be to have a trade off that would be good for gameplay. Being put into a animation exposes you to be shot and killed so why not have a trade off that if you assassinate someone you syphon there shields for a 10% shield boost. So if you managed to assassinate someone undected you will have 10% more shields and if your caught assassinating and are being shot at when the animation is over you’ll get the 10% then. So lets say your shields are popped during the animation, after you would have the 10% to try and keep yourself alive. Think this is fair enough for the risk reward gameplay.


I don’t see why you should be punished for being at a risk anyways. While the animation you can be killed fast (at least in Reach) and can’t abort until the kill is done or you got killed. But yeah, to ensure we can have the Kill animations it would be better to trade off something instead of don’t having them in the game at all.

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ok no assassinations i guess :frowning:

Assassinationas are horrible. They make a relatively harmless game, ugly and overly violent and personal. I never used them, and when someone does it to me, I learn who they really are. I am very glad they are gone. The new additions like equipment (love repulsor) are a welcome improvement that serves as a replacement for the repugnant assassination.

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Yeah, desperately want assassinations back. They aren’t even in campaign :man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3: honestly though I don’t think they need a gameplay reason to be in. They were in to dunk on fools you caught slippin. People turned them off to not accidentally screw themselves over.

But, I think they can serve a purpose in specific game modes. Modes where the only way to get points are full assassinations. Modes where only full assassinations or team wipes prevent being picked up by allies.

In general gameplay, one option would be to make the attacker invulnerable, or at least damage resistant. This allows them to get some situational awareness looking around so there’s a bit of purpose and less risk.

Or, as someone said, shield siphon. I think 100% shielding is optimal though, because you would need to be able to fully turn the tide of an attacker.

One fun idea might be to carry their corpse like a fusion coil that would kill anyone you throw it into.

One H5 assassination involved sticking them with a Plasma and throwing them, this sort of thing could affect nearby enemies as well.

Probably the simplest idea is to increase the respawn timer for someone who gets assassinated. This makes them particularly enticing in objective gametypes as it could make a push stronger.


Ok, lol what? I think you’re in the wrong forum if video game violence in a shooter irks you; Super Lucky’s Tale is just down the road. This is the tamest Halo fps to date and that’s not for the better.


Exactly. Infinite is an improvement. Halo has always kept the violence and gore in check and the addition of assassinations was a downgrade.

The development of Halo: Infinite has been, seemingly, a mixed bag but the last I heard was that assassinations were taken out because they interfered with the flow of the game by slowing down fights. They take an extra second or two seconds where both players stay still and watch an animation. 343i may add them later on.

That’s over the top but I agree. I became indifferent to Halo: Reach’s assassinations after a while (I still like the mild dramatic value) but some of Halo 5’s multiplayer assassinations were unpleasant to see and extra brutal. They made me feel sad. It changed the tone from fighting as a sport to playing as an anti-hero. I think they’re the most violent part of Halo 5’s multiplayer.

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For real. Halo 5 was a step down in maturity but improved upon assassinations ten fold from Halo 4 and Reach. They’re intended for flair; if you don’t want them just tap B instead of holding it down.

Well yeah they’re for flair but the only improvements were more animations, customizable animations, and a custom game slider to speed up or slow down the animation length. I don’t think that it was an improvement; they added more but didn’t change the mechanic. Plus, being able to turn them off was an advantage so it incentivized players to disable it.

The last time I heard 343i talk about assassinations was after an Infinite multiplayer gameplay showoff match with two teams of pros. They apparently had assassinations on a toggle and set it to ON by mistake, even though it was a feature they weren’t sure if they were going to keep.

No way José. Halo filled a perfect gap as a young adult 20-something’s shooter that wasn’t over the top in its violence but didn’t shy away from dead bodies, blood, and in the case of the flood large chunks of space zombie. It was mature in more ways than it’s rating and sanitizing the content to something less graphic than your cookie cutter PG-13 superhero flick is not a positive attribute for the series.

Since when did those who live and breathe tournament’s and twitch streams dictate how the game should play for everyone? If you want them off, toggle them off (or on if that works better). If I want a classic assassination in Reach, I don’t hold down melee. If I f*ck up and go for a flashy assassination that results in me getting killed then that’s on me because I made the choice to show off, and vice versa.

This has nothing to do with streamers. I was telling you what little I knew about why 343i made the decision not to include assassinations. Tbh at this rate I’d bet that they probably hit the cutting room floor so they could flesh out other features better.

It would but I have a feeling if and when they are added them 343 is selling most of them through the shop. I could be wrong, but looking at how they have handled things, I doubt I am.

Oh no they will for sure mostly be purchased.

One simple solution is just turn them off in ranked, and make them gametype dependent. They could even create modifiers for the effects that assassinations provide.

Honestly aside from the animations I could have this up and running in a day. Makes me wonder what they’re doing over there. My guess is management and monetization are clogging the pipes.

I was referring to what you said regarding the pros not liking them.

Tbh at this rate I’d bet that they probably hit the cutting room floor so they could flesh out other features better.

Whole lotta good that did didn’t it? They could’ve just left the feature in considering how much Halo 5 dna is left in the game and I wouldn’t have complained about the same animations from 2015/16 being recycled.

Yep, most likely waiting for things to calm down before they drop the bomb.

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This. As soon as they announced F2P, coatings, and no assassinations my mind immediately thought Micro $oft

I used to think the same way, but I would love to read the contract, especially the part where it shows it was mandatory. A lot of players for years used to blame everything on Activision when it came to the shop in Destiny, it took Activision to drop Bungie for those players to wake up.

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