Kicking from custom game in progress

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Repost since the last one got locked without any response or reason why so ty for that. Would appreciate if this game breaking bug would be addressed.

Seriously I’m over the game ‘Cartering out’ every time I take my custom game to the lobby and if by some miracle my game doesn’t crash then half the lobbies does.

Your only choice is to either keep the game going and get annoyed by some random troll or risk ending the game to kick them to then throw your controller at a wall when the games crashed.
I’ve had to resort to having bat caves with cells and god buttons hidden in maps so if someone does start trolling the lobby I have to lock their a** in a cage til they rage quit.

Please just add the option to view the player list, select name, kick. Problem solved, can avoid the buggy unstable lobby menu and can enjoy my custom games in peace.
Not sure how it is on pc but on console its guaranteed to happen pretty much every time you end a game. Have tested on two seperate xbox’s now.