Kicked out of warzone

So I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem if so please help. Every time I try to play warzone now even after this latest update I get kicked out med game play. It does not do it in Arena. Please help

I haven’t had that problem yet. Do you live in the UK? Server issues are wack over there I hear.
I just started a WZ Turbo match and I couldn’t even change my loadout, I could acess them but it would never let me equip a BR or DMR. Just hard reset your console:

  • Hold down the power button till it turns off - Unplug the power from the power brick - Wait like 10 seconds. - Boot your xbox one back up and you should be good, this should also fix ‘Retrieving Data’ issues!

I live in the US. And thanks. I’ll see if it helps