Kicked For No Reason

343i I do not know if this player is Hacking, using a Glitch in the game or what, but something needs to be done to players like this. All I was trying to do is complete my challenges and I ran into a player that literally gets me kicked from the game for doing nothing to him. I spawned on the other side of the map and somehow, I betrayed him twice. Then the third time I figured I will just sit there since somehow; I betrayed the same person two times by not doing anything. So, then he walks up to me touched me walks around and then jumps off the map and I get another betray which kicks me from the game. Which makes other people on my team think I am trying to mess up the game for them. Plus destroys my REP for my Profile. This is outrageous, and something needs to be done.
Link to the Video
Kicked for No Reason

I watched the video and it certainly seems like something strange is going on. I feel there is maybe a contact detection bug in the game, as long as you make physical contact with someone, it registers. Not sure if this is what it is, but would make sense.