Kick for betrayal after one accident splatter?

I was in a game of Warzone driving a Ghost trying to strafe some incoming fire and I splatter a dude. I then get immediately booted for betrayal. Is this normal?

I dunno. On a Warzone match I accidentally betrayed 2 players one after another with splatters. I was driving a warthog trying to get to my mate to be a gunner and was trying to avoid this other guy who was trying to get in so I was doing doughnuts and I accidentally ran him over and clipped another guy and got 2 betrayals.

nope. ive betrayed on purpose and have been betrayed by someone else and ive never been booted or had the option to boot.

Maybe you should pay more attention and not be such a crappy driver. You know how frustrating it is to get betrayed like that? Makes me want to snap some necks.