Keyes Loop Lore Video

Hi All!
A while back I posted an animated lore video I made about the Spartan Program. I’ve since made another one set in the Halo universe, this one about the Keyes Loop.

Would love to hear what the community thinks!

Have a link
This is a solid video. One of my favorite nylund scenes. I always thought it had a rather enders game feel to it. Def great sense of the 3d space her was writing within. Good work op.

Had a hard time hearing the video (due to the noisy room I’m in) did you address the nuke part as well? I didn’t catch that part.

That was a neat video! I actually really enjoyed watching that!

Just watched this. Incredibly well done OP! Would love to see more videos about other naval battles (like the 2nd battle over Sigma Octanus IV or the Fall of Reach). This was one of the coolest scenes from Nylund’s book, and I get sucked into it every time as I try to picture it in my head while reading