Keyes, jacob, captain.

First of all i need to know if keyes died, in Halo CEA says yes,
i didnt know he died cause when i played before it was on russian and i was lazy to search on the internet, so lets go to the point
i though keyes would be alive cause on halo 3 his alive, can someone explain to me what really happened, cause i never played halo 2.

more easy to understand: why keyes dead if he appears on other halos?

captain jacob keyes dies on the Halo after being infected by the Flood and ultimately getting his skull broken in by Master Chief.

His daughter, Miranda Keyes, appears in Halos 2 and 3.

He made a big run in the sky… took him a year… Then he received an intense training and came back to fight the covenant.

He came back really strong whit a poker level over 9000

Damn Halo 2 was amazing

Captain Keyes never appeared in Halo 2 or Halo 3. You might be confusing him for Lord Hood who is more like an admiral.

His daughter, Commander Keyes, also appears in Halo 2 and Halo 3 (she dies at the end of Halo 3).

lol i forgot he doesnt appears … -Yoink!- i got bad memory and i have played halo 3 lol am a person, anyways thanks guys. but waow he was a good man that terminal was awesomeness

i just remember doesnt keyes appears like old in one game am not sure wha but am super sure i saw him in 1 game that he was old

In my opinion Keyes appeared a lot older in the original Halo CE. I would have pegged him for mid to late 60’s, but he his actually 57 in Halo CE.

Maybe you were thinking of seeing Keyes in Reach. Because he was in Reach, but that was before CE. So it canonically fits.

Captain Keyes appears in the final cutscenes of Halo Reach, which is technically right before the events of the first cutscene in halo CE. He dies towards the end of Halo 1, never to be seen again. His daughter (with Halsey), Miranda Keyes, has major roles in halo 2, and more so, halo 3. She dies towards the end of Halo 3.

Halsey is currently (referring to latest chronological data stuck within Onyx’s Forerunner shield world.

John is flying through space on a vacation. We will see him next fall.

Reach is a story before Halo CE, and yes he died, a slow, painful, dreadfull death because the Flood considered him the winner of this years “who will become proto gravemind?” contest.
each and every memory was drowned by the gravemind and he passed on, knowing the flood wants to devour everything…