Kernel LEvel Anticheat ASAP

Played 3 games today, figured why not, 3 games in a row getting beamed by Spartan Sidekicks in 8 shots from long range, while sliding even lol. Yeah, this game is just for benchmarking until that is dealt with. AAA shooters man, what a joke.

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When you say “kernel level anti cheat” do you mean Easy Anti-Cheat/BattleEye or Valorant anti-cheat?

Define “from long range” because what you describe can happen without cheats. This happening “3 games in a row”, to me, communicates that you played opponents who were good with the Sidekick, not cheaters.


Like Valorant. I’m on PC, this is getting warzone bad, f2p killed this game on PC, less people online than destiny 2. Game went from best thing ever, to a joke in the competitive community.

I figured Valorant is what you meant.

Unfortunately since Valorant released their “cheater free game”, players quickly proved and continue to prove that the ‘root level’ kernel anti-cheat is really not all its cracked up to be and functions more like other basic kernel anti-cheats. It’s not the silver bullet Riot claimed (and has since stopped marketing this claim) it would be. It works well, but about at the same efficacy as Easy Anti-Cheat/BattleEye works without the invasive design.

Kernel level anti-cheat would offer an immediate difference between what we have now, but root level kernel just hasn’t proved its worth yet.

Warzone’s a rough experience all around, but also a lesson in why anti-cheat is needed.

The glitches, bugs, and issues that lead to laggy games, unplayable modes, and routine crashes make more sense. Paired with a healthy dose of limited content probably contributed to the 2 exoduses in the capacity they occurred at.

Using Steam numbers, which only tell about a third of the overall story. Windows store promotes the Game Pass, and there’s Xbox’s unknown population as well.

Besides, 50k players averaged is a pretty healthy population, it’s not what it was at, but it’s also not a dead game comparatively.

It started off in a rough state though, so this sounds more like rose tinted glasses nostalgia getting in the way of recognizing the issues from the beginning and then having a realization that this game is in a rough state.

As far as “the competitive community” goes, I can’t say say for certain. It kinda sounds like your shoehorned take projecting it onto a wider audience rather than just owning your own opinion.


Ive gotta go with @the_co1e_train on this one, the sidekick is commonly used in place of a Commando/BR due to the precision nature of the weapon. It would be nice to know the approximate range you were at to get an idea of how you were dispatched in these cases.

Are we talking Bazaar spawn-downstairs ranges?

Bazaar Center ranges?

Fragmentation full map ranges?

Streets full length ranges?

streets, from one side of the map to the other, first time happened in ctf, we were 2-0 then we weren’t. Started fighting 100% accuracy players. And i mean 8 shots, the minumum, lower ttk than AR in medium range. People were mad about f2p multiplayer since it was announced, bans meaning nothing is why. If they wont charge $60 for mp access, kernel level will help a bit, and it’s MS, they can just load it into the systems that can run halo in a system update.

We need an anti-cheat that not only finds average PC cheats but also modded controllers. The state of ranked play in high diamond and onyx is almost unplayable.

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Honestly it’s possible, at least in specific moments. If you have video of it to help clarify from the opponents view that would go a long way in figuring out what happened.

In some cases, bans mean nothing.

In a lot of cases profiles/algorithms are derived from the cheaters who are caught and these are used to update the anti-cheat safety net (if there is an anti-cheat of course).

F2P isn’t the issue honestly, the reliance on an untested AI system over a trusted and functional anti-cheat was.

I dunno if it’s that easy to just add it, but they need to add some trusted form of anti-cheat and quick. Kernel level (though not root level) will help enough.

Also a paywall won’t stop cheaters at all. As long as there’s opportunities for players to pay for unfair advantages, nothing is going to stop players from utilizing these exploits. CSGO’s cheater issues were so bad when it was a paid game that they had to pawn reports off on players to sift through.