So I’ve noticed some commotion over the recent threads regarding the art direction, So I did some research and found this guy is in charge. Based on his previous role in Video game industry I found it neither good or bad that he be charge of the art direction in 343i; what I do believe is that its questionable. That isn’t to say I hate the games he’s worked on before or their art; most of which were my first ever FPS games that sort of got me into the genre until HALO (specifically quake and doom).

What are your thoughts about 'em?

Well that might have something to do with why the Elites and Grunts looks so horrible and monstrous in those pictures we saw.

We’ve known about Kenneth Scott for a while.

art directions looking pretty rad so far … i don’t see the problem

Sweet, he worked on games I also like. My worry level, which was low to begin with, has been lowered further.

Sounds good as long as he keeps in line with the canon set before him. I imagine Frankie would let him know if he is going too far off track.

Honestly, I like the darker and scarier atmosphere. I hope the MP levels are varied and colorful though.

I’m loving the environment art, but the characters (especially the covenant) could look much better,