Keeps saying I unlocked avatar every time I go to

Halo CE skips levels and the music doesn’t play

says I unlock avatar and tags every time I go to menu screen

cant play co-op

roster is broken

cant accept game invites

Ive only played 3 MM games since game launch
and it’s super lagy and uneven teams

game crashes or freezes randomly

customization on screen some times doesn’t work it pops up with all the other screens in the background

I know that feel bro.

I too have been unable to accept invites (game launches from dashboard) for custom games. I got in a lobby with six players and the team was 4v2.

My game crashes more often after a MM game than anywhere else. Sometimes it does freeze and I have to back out and quit the game from dashboard.

I am able to get in a MM game every 10min or so, but the lag is bad for me. My ISP only offers a speed of 60MB DL, and I’m not sure but I don’t think there is a host migration. My ping never shows up horrible when I check it out when I am experiencing lag. Maybe someone could explain this.

I’m really close to wanting to get a refund, but I know there are no other games I would rather play. I mean what the only other game is COD and I’m not doing that crap.

I’m not returning the game I know it’ll get fixed but idk when everything will be fixed it just gets me mad that I can’t even do co-op …I play about 1 game a day probably on match making