Keep up the armor criticism

You’ve spouted a lot of fallacy here, indicating a projection of values; assuming your personal opinions and experience regarding customization are objective, and reflective of other’s experience, when they’re not even remotely accurate for many players. The evidence is all around you.

Something which is jawdropping to me though is: do you honestly think if players had more freedom to customize and get invested in their character’s appearence, the game would be worse off and “die within a month”? What is the logic to that? Can you honestly not see that players will care more to play longer and buy weapon skins etc if they’re engaged with a progression system built around “being their own spartan”? The devs realized this was important- and they have since Halo 3. Why do you think you know better than everyone else including the developers of Halo games?

If you’re not getting your perception of these things from the evidence around you: the stated opinions of the player base, alternative (and successful) monetization models: then what ARE you getting this perception from?


I second this idea a custom core

Exactly why it’s important to be vocal about it. They’re missing out on a lot more money trying to nickel and dime players this way. If they didn’t get that before it should be clear now.

They aren’t though, this is THE method that results in the most amount of money. That’s my whole point, it is a highly researched, tried and tested model that returns more money than anything else would. People need to, and I hate to say it, ‘wake up’ to these schemes.

Actually we have been complaining about armor coatings & armor cores since they were first announced.

This method could work for everyone if they did it right.
Release a catalog of all the classic armors from past games for individual sale (one dollar or two at the most) and reasonable (only since they must) prices along with Halo Infinite armor themed battlepass that has a decent amount of armor to unlock for free.
Then, anything new they create they can charge whatever they want for. Keep the shop how it is now with the changes I listed and I’d be happy and probably a paying customer.
I do believe like you said though, we are in the minority and the silent majority probably is just shelling out for these absurd prices.

Late stage Capitalism is Corporatism. LOL.

Late stage Capitalism is Corporatism. LOL.

It really isn’t.

Actually we have been complaining about armor coatings & armor cores since they were first announced.

True, been against it from day one. Reason it was kept so secretive was because someone knew it wouldn’t be popular.

I still think we should have full control over our colors (pick primary, secondary, tertiary, quarternary colors) and then 343 can sell us patterns and textures (clean, dirty, battle worn, metallic finish, glossy finish, matte finish, etc)

Yes, it really is exactly that.

No, it really isn’t. Do some research and stop dragging this thread off-topic, please.

Odds are this is the system you are all stuck with. I use the royal “you” since I have long abandoned Infinite, a week of playing it taught me one thing, and one thing only: This is just Halo 5 again but even worse somehow.

343 makes a terrible monetization system NOBODY ASKED FOR. The HALO FANS wanted it removed, 343 mocked them and ignored them. Halo 5 died off as soon as the 360 games became backwards compatible.
Halo 5 had as long of a lifespan as it did because it was an old game by the time the backwards compatible games came out.

Infinite however, doesn’t have that luxury, 9 months of no forge, most likely unplayable custom games at launch, and a microtransaction system so blatantly predatory it’d make EA blush with jealousy, 343 have forgotten one key factor in all this: The fans WILL leave Infinite for MCC if they feel like they’ve been treated unfairly, which the Halo fanbase in this instance HAS been treated unfairly.

343 used a lot of, as another user posted, doublespeak, everything they claimed Infinite would be, turned out to be marketing lies to build hype, just like Halo 5. Personally the armor is actually the LEAST angering thing 343 has done with Infinite. The lies are definitely in the top 3. The others being the premium currency 343 promised wouldn’t be in the game and then putting the majority of the “Free” fracture event items into the monetized shop effectively paywalling them.

Sorry 343, but I’m not defending you on this one. I’ll stand by you with H4, MCC, and even H5, but not here, this is a line too far crossed.

the unfortunate reality is that the MINORITY (whales) are spending the most. this is who these monetisation models are designed to target. and they are extremely profitable.

Because for many players character customization is a key part of the gameplay. There are many players who would willingly take on a handicap for the sake of what their character looks like, in the Darksouls community this is called Fashion-souls, Here in Halo they tend to be Dinos. The players that choose to play elites even though they’re larger, easier to hit, and easier to kill. A large percentage of Halo players are, at least partially, that type of player, even if they wouldn’t go as hard into it as the elite players.

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Yes, it really is. Do some research and take a look at the real world situations of anywhere it exists. Also, stop replying and dragging this off-topic.

@TheOneAndOnlyDC Nope, do the work, learn to think more critically. You’re wrong, fundamentally. And how about taking your own advice, I’m not giving you the satisfaction, especially when you took this off-topic first, and have ignored any chance to bring it back. Now stop telling me what I have already told YOU like some child.

Keep up the armor criticism

Sad truth. One can only hope the feedback that’s been given convinces the right people at 343 to make more than just a minuscule change and say “look we fixed it”.

This and just working towards armors that you want, whether the pieces are locked behind certain achievements, or like in Reach where you earn based on playtime (faster with skill).

Hoping cross-core customization is coming soon! There are other issues with customization of course but I think that unrestricting armor cores would be a HUGE positive change

From the opinion of a person who has worked as a hobbyist 3D artist who’s studied game design and worked on projects as a tech artist for a film company studying and practicing this crap for years on my own time for fun at this point since I’m working for a banking software company now since said gaming industry is unstable and terrifying, but competing Argument from authority fallacies aside… (I’m not trying to @ you Blizzarus in particular but your post was a perfect segway to rebuke this mindset and show my points, plus good bit o’ sarcasm.)

Apart from the main armor core which is redoing a whole character, a member of their art team whether it be a texture artist or a tech artist could get several of these armor pieces from reach updated in a day at a decent pace and one at a slow pace/with a more complicated piece. From the look of things its a matter of getting the uv map adjusted appropriately and textures re-projected if their workflow with this coating system is in any way related to basic pbr principles as I expect it is(If its not that explains the cross core coatings not being a thing in which case they have some incompetent designers on the team who decided this). Given the fact that the base meshes are likely an exact rip from previous titles plus a few additions for some minor details and they likely had higher resolution textures from the in game cinematics and armor customization screens to begin with (given literally identical fidelity in MCC and likely had access to the high-poly versions of the models the Normal and AO textures were generated from). And re-rigging SOLID ARMOR PIECES takes literally minutes. Zero out the origin point of the object position the piece, pick a bone and set the weight of it to 100%. Done.

So, let me get this straight, you can vaguely justify half of this $1000 microtransaction driven store as well as their battle pass is worth minimal effort from reused assets that would take 800 man hours of work at most to update:

  • My estimate is 8 hour days for 1 armor piece times 100 days (from about 85 unique Solid armor pieces from Reach and allowing extra for the time on updating the “core”, assuming some days where multiple pieces were done, and some for testing)
  • That’s $18,132 dollars of the budget with the industry average of artists $22.67 an hour, and likely less if they offloaded this to new hires or outsourcing.
  • If 36 people buy all the reach armor bundles they have planned and the battle pass then they’ve made up their budget on UPDATING REUSED ASSETS alone.

Just try and justify that isn’t in any way shady or scummy. Rather than the ~ 2000 minimum required from premium passes alone covering it should give those who buy it an opportunity to unlock said reused assets they’ve likely already paid / played for in other games too to be the baseline of making money back for the other aspects of the development and then turning a profit. Not to mention the campaign itself or future armor additions already part of the rumored multimillion dollar budget everyone keeps quoting to make back from microtransactions for additions they already have partially created but haven’t showed off or wasn’t datamined because it wasn’t in the current builds.

I’m less gun-ho about the “BRING BACK FREE PROGRESSION BASED ARMOR…” “Blah! is Halo since Halo 3…” and “Halo always had Blah!” mindset, because I’m sorry that doesn’t work with FTP, but come on guys… This reach armor rehash and breaking it up to bait 500 dollars out of your pocket for nostalgia rather than $10 (or even $20 if they did a “heroes of reach 2” or some BS to make up for this mistake) is absolute hog wash. And if you genuinely 100% think that’s all fine after reading this gtfo of this conversation. You are either a whale, a kid with rich parents, or diluted by god awful business practices in this avenue of the industry.



Keep up the distraction from other far more pressings issues that are actually affecting the gameplay and gameplay experience of this title!

Who needs attention drawn to crashes, inability to rejoin matches, audio blind spot bugs, poorly optimized servers, and the lack of anti-cheat when we’re forcing 343 to let us grind out the game’s completely optional progression system our way!

Power to the players!

You’re post was a little hard to follow, but after reading it a couple times, I understand what you’re getting, I hope.

Anyway, my concern is that there isn’t any evidence of them making any major changes until at least Season 2. And they almost definitely won’t do anything until after the first of the year. They actually stated that they made Season 1 six months long so they can take a break during the holidays, and then focus on making Season 2 the bread and butter.

I agree (and I need to type these extra words in order to reply)