Keep the momentum 343, please

(Personal letter to 343)

Dear 343,
These Wonderfull technical flights were really great and brought Halo infinite to the limelight without any major marketing. But we need to keep this momentum going. Maybe this coming October inside infinite (along with the flight reports/changes) we should have a teaser for the Campaign and followed by November Campaign reveal. Then of course the marketing should kick in through out till the big Launch (December 8th).

Indeed. It looks like they just started another marketing promotion with Rockstar Energy, so I’m thinking that they’re gonna start getting really into it with marketing. Plus now that the most recent flight was public we may even get a proper public flight, weeklong. We’ll see!

Honestly considering the last flight was open to anyone on Xbox, I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce Infinite’s multiplayer becoming fully available as a pre-release build until it is updated in December to version 1.0. It basically seems like the next step after this weekend’s flight, as there isn’t much more for them to test.

It’s only 9 weeks away, feel like we really need something. Even if the game hasn’t gone gold, they surely must have enough to put out something indicative of the final product which makes me think they’re holding onto something huge.

After seeing how good Fragmentation looks, without raytracing, I’m just so damn ready for campaign footage now.

At the moment I will take anything, even a Story trailer or a CGI trailer, just as a tease for the reveal.