Keep or change Multiplayer ANNOUNCER?

Should Halo 4 use the original Multiplayer announcer from Halo 1, 2, 3 ODST and Reach?
Or should they use a new one?

To me, it would be kinda cool to hear a new voice.
But it is Jeff Steitzer that keeps Halo Multiplayer feel the way it is today.

What do you think?

If Jeff is not in the game I am not buying it.

And that’s the darn truth.

Not having Jeff Steizer would be heresy.

Theres absolutely no reason to get rid of him… nothing wrong with recreating the halo multiplayer experience, but why fix what isn’t broke? He has an epic voice thats perfect for halo and always has been

> If Jeff is not in the game I am not buying it.
> And that’s the darn truth.

I would have to agree with you.
He is like that sugary icing on that cake that makes halo Multiplayer that extra nice!

I will literally. LITERALLY. not buy the game if he’s not announcing MP

Jeff rules.

Isnt the answer fairly obvious?


But that new Audio guy should do some tricks with him. Some extra Bass tune-ups on his voice, as well as Explosions as a background sound XD

He should be replaced by Justin Bieber.

Keep for sure!!!

Keep him he’s cool!

I think Jeff might work for Bungie? 343i has collaborated with him before though…

I hope he returns as the announcer…

Kicking Jeff out is like kicking out the voice of Master Chief, Steve Downes or whatever his name is. Jeff has such an epic voice, I love hearing it and it makes me laugh when he says “INVASION SLAYER.” lololol

Jeff isn’t doing Halo 4.


> He should be replaced by Justin Bieber.

I lawl’d.

Halo without Jeff is like Halo without…well…Jeff…

My friend was saying that he wanted them to replace Jeff’s voice with a seductive woman’s voice… But he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Keep him, we have fun imitating his voice. He’s traditional himself and irreplaceable.

Jeff is definitely cool.

But if we had an announcer that sort of made more sense, like (sorry for the example) in Call of Duty. Giving you heads ups on what is going on, all that. I think that’d beat a guy who just likes to yell multi kills.

But none of the stupid stuff. I want to punch Infinity Ward when ever I have 2 kills in FFA and the top guy has 20, and the announcer says “WERE LOSSSINGGG”.

Halo wouldn’t be the same =/