Keep On Eye On YouTube

Hello everyone as most of you know after yesterdays demo of the game some of the well-known content creators like HaloFollower, Hiddenxperia, and some others got the chance to talk to some of the developers at 343 about Infinite and most of the questions sound like were answered including the one everybody wants to know. How old is the demo? Now this came from HaloFollower Video (Yes I know how some people feel about Follower but put that aside for just a moment)

HaloFollower asked: “How old is this gameplay? From a technical standpoint?”

343 Replied with: The game is very much in development still and that the gameplay/demo was captured quote A Little While Ago. The Team is still cranking out and polishing the game as the launch gets closer.

Now like I said earlier put feelings aside about Follower but he also believes that the Demo we got could be from 8-12 months ago. Anyway, guys keep an eye out on YouTube Halo Content Creators because these guys will be posting more about the game now and some information coming straight from 343.

You can watch HaloFollower 343 interview video here: Halo Infinite INSIDER DETAILS (hidden ITEMS in open world, multiplayer BETA, core features and MORE) - YouTube

I find 8-12 months ago hard to believe. It could have been rendered for E3’s original dates, but I highly doubt they’d have been focusing on this presentation for almost a whole year.

What is Follower basing that 8-12 month range on?

I just watched the HaloFollower video where does he say 8-12 months ago? I didn’t see/hear that?

Wonder how little a little is, but I remember watching the behind the scenes development for Halo 3 and the “crunch time” for that looked insane, they worked overtime to the last second to get that game made.