Keep it up Halo Community!

So a BTB update is being rolled out, I am not sure if it works yet, a thanks to 343 but we need to keep pressuring for the other amount of issues the game still has.

Don’t conform yourselfs, we are doing it right!


I heavily agree.
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In a war, you don’t stop attacking until the enemy surrenders

Sure, but there’s a difference between actual good feedback and comments/threads that are like:

“343 is the scum of the earth and everything in the store should cost negative credits; they should be paying us to play this horrible game. It’s not nearly as good as MCC, even though for some reason I’m only playing Infinite now and haven’t touched MCC in ages.”

Keep giving feedback about store prices, desync/server issues, balance issues, etc. But maybe take a chill pill while giving that feedback, eh?