Keep It Clean


I know it has been brought up before but I just wanted to share my two cents. I am finding myself enjoying the game immensely, which is a surprise. Halo 4 was a combination of too many games and ideas, like two cars crashing into one another at high speeds, metal twisting and folding into a new form. It was messy.

Halo 5 feels cleaner and more refined, like the games of old. I love the call-outs, the pacing, sprint and all the other various abilities a spartan possesses.

There are a few things that could use cleaning up and refinement.

Win / Loss Animations : I have seen others express distaste for the final win animations that are presented after a match and I tend to agree. I love seeing my Spartan IV before and after a match but the animations they are performing seems less cannon and more e-sports victory. I could see why 343 Industries introduced them, they just feel needlessly showy and detract from the immersion.

Power Weapon Timers : I am by no means a professional Halo player and have only participated in one tournament in my life. I did end up winning and could attribute my victory to keeping constant track of power weapons and their spawn timers, ensuring that even if my rocket launcher was empty I would not drop it until I was near the spawn point and know it would pop instantly. Having power weapons pointed out at all times and spawning regardless of possession does take away some strategy associated with the game. Calling out “Control Power Weapons to Dominate the Enemy” at the beginning of each map also feels redundant. Especially after having played twenty or thirty matches.

Weapon Pickup Icons : This is small but it’s much easier for me to recognize a weapon profile than it is for me to read the text that appears across my screen when I am over a weapon. It’d be wonderful to have the weapon silhouettes back.

Spartan Customization : I graduated from art school so this one is a bit bigger to me than I would expect it to be for others. Spartan IV’s have been too messy since the release of Halo 4. The reason being is the “tech suit” (the hexagonal design under the armor) is always the same color as the armor itself. In Halo Reach the “tech suit” was always a dark grey allowing the spartans some depth and making your armor / color choices seem more impactful.

The lack of ability to customize each individual piece of armor (chest, legs, shoulders, gloves and knees) seems like an odd design choice. It is a step back for the series. Halo Reach still had a wonderful suite of customization options and each Spartan felt unique. I identified my foes by how they adorned themselves. I am unsure if this is because the system to do so is still being worked on or to save on system memory. Being able to make a truly unique Spartan was one of my favorite additions to the series.

Emblems : They’re straight up gone. This seems odd as its another step backwards for the series. I hope they return and the lack of presence is due to it being a beta.

If anyone from 343 Industries read this (or anyone for that matter) I want to thank you for making the game. I am enjoying it and look forward to seeing you all in the arena.