Keep in mind, no one asked for a free multiplayer

To be fair my dumb brain assumed armor coatings wouldn’t be locked to cores before buying the cloud 9 pack after using the hcs winter one on all my cores

Seriously it’s stupid to have hcs coatings be tied to one armor core

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I agree, I’m not a big fan of the kits but I’d love to see the eSports grow so I’ve bought one bundle. I’m only using the BR skin though.

corporate asked for a free to play model, because it is the most profitable. again, why would they consult gamers about how to make money? it’s us versus decades of monetisation research. unfortunately we are not comparable in terms of influence.

Couldn’t agree more! Would’ve really loved to pay $60 - $100 for a non-scummy paywall’d Halo game - and would’ve even paid extra for some good expansions. But if they continue to be “pro money and anti-consumer”, I’ll never return to this game, like back when Halo 5 came out. I have the battle pass, but the community needs more free stuff to unlock, essential stuff like more coatings. Nobody should pay $7 to get a red/black-coating, which can only be applied to one core. Give us, what you said in interviews.

This game has so much potential. It’s a shame that you never actively see someone from 343 in the forums. You only see mods, who close threads, that are criticizing the game. Show us that you understand us and that you want to change the game for the better. Give us a roadmap …or anything!


Honestly the only good thing about Infinite multiplayer is the gameplay, everything else sucks.
Its not fun playing the game only to complete challenges, it de incentives team play because everyone is just trying to get the challenges done.
The number of playlists is absolutely pitiful and the progression/monetization is beyond insane.

The monetisation alone has completely ruined it for me, I was more than happy to pay full price for a full game but now with this “Its free so we can make the store cost what ever we want” has put me off so much that where I was going to buy the campaign at full price still, I don’t want to encourage this garbage business model or give my money to blatant liars and scam artists.
Because of this and a general lack of player respect, I just bought xbox game pass for PC for £1 GBP for 3 months which includes the campaign at launch and 3 months is more than enough to complete it.

So all in all 343i because of this I’m not buying any battlepasses or the campaign at full price or anything from the shop until you actually DO something to make it better and stop with the blatant lies about how you’re listening to players and have things in the works.
You have made a total of £1 from me whereas if you had a full price game with a battlepass and no store you would have easily made over £100 from me alone over the next year or so and I know I’m not the only one doing this so I sincerely hope this comes back to bite you in the -Yoink!-.


Tbh I think the free to play model is GREAT! Making Halo (multiplayer) free and allowing so many people to discover it is a fantastic idea!

The problem is not so much that it’s free to play, the problem is that 343, or Microsoft, implemented it with one of the worst monetization system one could probably make. Well, at least worst as far as PR and player satisfaction goes, that is.


You’re wrong about that, we the community do decide what Business model companies are forced to take with two simple words YOUR WALLET for example, anyone out here buying cat ears is clearly on the side of contempt with the current business model.

It’s funny because Halo infinite is worse than Halo 5 still.

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I could care less about new players.

I’d rather the veterans be prioritized


I feel prioritized with Infinite

I would say you are right. The market is speaking loud and clear.

Look at all the people who have purchased the Cat Ears…

I think that is all I need to point at to prove my point…but I will also add look at all the battle pass purchases…

So they do not give a damn. They are making more money off the people who need that instant gratification and just throw their or their divorced mothers credit card at it…

actually the executives, shareholders, investors and marketing department asked for it. you are a cash cow, to be milked. this is the primary reason it’s free.

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They don’t have to consult us, but given we had no say in it being Free to Play, I personally feel its a salad excuse for people to deflect criticism by saying “It’s free to play, you can’t complain”. If we’d ask for Free to Play they’d have a point.

Unfortunately, the best way for us to complain is with our play time and our wallets…and there are so many out there with open wallets or their divorced parents credit cards, they outweigh those of us who play rarely or do not buy the microtransactions,

Whales say otherwise. Look at the profits from Halo 5. The reqs did really well even if people didn’t like them.

Would you say the REQs worked because you could earn premium currency in game as opposed to Infinites model of real money purchases?

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