Keep in mind, no one asked for a free multiplayer

just wait til the hackers get here

“Keep in mind” forcing players to pay for what should be unlocked through gameplay OR JUST THERE AS DEFAULT burns the community and will inevitably ruin any fun to be had insaid gameplay.


I do agree with this; also, people are still paying for the campaign, full-price, so it is a pretty scummy move to make the customization options so limited if someone chooses not to buy the game’s battle passes and such.

No we didn’t ask for it, but being F2P isn’t that bad. On its own that is. I’m glad it is because it finally has my brother playing Halo with me again after years of him not being interested. Being able to cross play with him on PC on the other side of the country is dope. And that wouldn’t have happened if it was a paid game.

Then there’s the other side. Monetization and FH5 proving F2P doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

343i could’ve chosen to go a less predatory route with the monetization. Having a better balance between paid and free content. Fix that and some of our troubles will already be fixed.

And FH5, which is the complete anti-Infinite in everything, proves a 60$/€ game (free on Gamepass) can still do insanely well. 10 million players in a week time. For a game that is a big niche compared a mainstream FPS game like Halo. More than any Forza before. Why? Because that game is insanely fun to play and websites rightfully praise it for its insanely epic intro. Also: it rewards you constantly. The positive reward loop in that game is the best I’ve ever seen. Which has you hooked, even if you’re not that big on racing games. Infinite could’ve done the same thing. Infinite still can do the same thing; giving better free rewards and offering actual substantial paid content. Can still make a crap ton of money. And still save face after this giant debacle.


Yhea it’s better to paywall the gamplay (I.E. content like DLC maps in halo 3 and recon you had to buy H3ODST) and split the community then the customization. Full price and F2P both have advantages and drawbacks.

My guy do you think Microsoft cares??? They could careless they are the richest
and greediest company on earth……

I think Halo 5 had the best method to acquire new aesthetic items. It was kinda democratic since you were given free in game money but at the same time you could buy packs with real money to customize your Spartan. If you were lucky and patient enough you could unlock a legendary armour while playing and by opening free packs whereas if you were a collector person or you didn’t want to grind you could simply buy packs. I think that if they add the pack system that Halo 5 had they would resolve almost every problem. Customization is one of the best part of Halo and that’s really lame to lock it behind a paywall… I think that people could get tired without it. As far as I’m concerned, I would have preferred to buy a complete 60 dollars game than a free to play where I can’t unlock anything without paying. That’s not Halo!
Ancients said: “In medio stat Virtus”, so ok to pay content but they should work a lot more on free ones! To conclude, the pack and lottery system to me was the best and I really hope they will reintroduce it

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its free because its lamesauce. no team killing so its crap. 12v12 tho. its a toss up. but halo without teamkilling. yeh, freebie. lol. might as well be a phone game.

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Ah yes the “it’s a company their job is to make money” excuse. I hope you don’t think this means they are free from being criticized for doing things people hate about being f2p.

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and i would say it is not even free, it is part of full fledged 60 dikaroodos campaign game, they just took a few places and models out of it to make this mess. you dont have to pay it, but most who play Halo already got the campaign as well

Because opinions matter. Look at Battlefield 2042 for example they ignored the fanbase and now it’s getting some of the worst reviews out there and a lot of people will avoid that game because of that. Meanwhile 343i have basically mislead fans with one of the recent blogs and mislead people again with the timed event and many feel like 343i are not being honest and people are giving negative reviews because of the predatory system they have in place. If people dislike something enough then more people will avoid stuff and 343i is not immune to this just like what we learned with Halo 4 on the 360 since that game died in a couple of months. If 343i don’t learn from their past then history is doomed to repeat itself. :thinking:

Heck the only reason why anyone is playing Halo 4 today is because of MCC but the thing is if it wasn’t for 343i’s gamble on MCC then that game would have been mostly forgotten about and ignored. If Infinite is to thrive in the future then they need to be more honest and actually stop with the predatory behaviour.

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Free to play never makes the gaming experience better. Unfortunately that’s the route so many developers have gone. I will NOT be buying armor coatings and such. I will proudly wear my free “boring” gear and be mindful to bag hard on those who have dumped a bunch of money into cosmetics to look “cool “.

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Exactly this is what I keep saying. I didn’t care if it was free to play. I just didn’t want this garbage shop running the game into the ground. They know they can make more money this way taking advantage of people. 343 please cut this out. Fix it. You care about the fans don’t you? This proves that false.

Unfortunately, the 343i won’t see any difference between 1000 people buying $1/1€ skin value or 1 person dumping $1000/1000€ in everything. The only thing that matters to them is, unfortunately, money and they don’t seem to care what means they take to achieve that.

The community was against their business model when they launched the 1st flight. In the “old” forums, myself and others chose to speak about this business mode (the armor coatings were a dead giveaway things would slide towards the bad end of the spectrum) and 343i still chose to continue with it.

Albeit I agree with most of the topics created regarding their business model, and upon re-watching their initial ideas, 343i don’t seem to care that much and this business model is here to stay.

Dark times… dark times…


Do you guys not remember that multiplayer used to be supported by a subscription fee? The F2P system is much better, even with some kinks to work out. I never want to pay a subscription for multiplayer again.

No, shooters have never had any subscription fee. That was for specific MMORPG games.
If you’re talking about XBOX Gold (or Game Pass)/Playstation Plus (when it comes to consoles), those subscription services actually give you something for the money that you’re paying, aside the fact that they were/are a requirement to play online.

Halo was never behind any subscription fee, albeit it was behind the buy-to-play wall… and that is completely fine.

And I still pay for the subscription fee’s and the money that supported them is not suddenly going way since many people are still paying for things like Game Pass Ultimate which cost even more money and it wasn’t that long ago that they were planning to double the price of xbox live meanwhile many games on PC don’t have subs and do fine online for years without forcing stupid restrictions like what 343i have done.

Right now MCC for example does not have paid online subs on PC and is doing fairly ok at the moment. The F2P model is not better in any form of way whatsoever and to say otherwise is basically nonsense. I’m already supporting 343i via the campaign and for the price of the campaign is very similar to a normal game which would have had plenty of content to unlock and campaign/multiplayer, yet a major chunk of the game is taken out due to greed just so a few people can claim the game is ‘free’ despite it only being ‘free’ for others due to greed predatory system. :-1:

I highly doubt that 343 employees are getting commissions. I agree forza team put more thought in their design. But they were not distracted a forza tv series. A 7 year old gane that they had to keep updating for pc and treat as if new. All the while design a pretty good product from a game play perspective. Not to mention they did add the fracture even that gives you a free many battle pass

At first I was willing to just accept a battle pass since this is just the necessary evil of gaming now a days but actually looking at this its a predatory mess. Like I thought R6S was bad but this is just awful.

I’d rather shell out $60 and get an MP where we had free customization, which is what halo is known for, and aiming that doesnt feel like -Yoink!-. This system is on par with enlisted, warthunder and wot with how much they want to squeeze money out of you

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I like it is being free to play cause i hate subscriptions for online multiplayer…i throw money at destiny cosmetics and battle pass but they went on with very good proggresion even if you killed a “grunt”. i hate every spartan looking the same now and hope they fix progression and cosmetics soon.