Keep in mind, no one asked for a free multiplayer

exactly! no one asked for it to be free, and because it’s free, 343 has it as an excuse to monetize any and everything. ‘oh but the devs need money’ may i look you to games of old, any grunt who says this, with game’s of 3, Reach, and 4. the customization wasn’t limited, infact kept expanding, and you know how the devs made money? though the PRICE OF THE GAME and DLC. they pruposefully made it f2p so that people like you would defend them, they’re banking on you all to pay them and continue to support them. honestly i was looking forward to paying 60 for hopefully a better Halo game, low and behold i didn’t pay a thing and am dissapointed. i would rather the multiplayer not be free, if it meant non of this nonsense was in the game


Eh, was clan funded mostly. Perks of being in the top 3 to get Achilles.

No one asked for Infinite MP to be free

I mean, you’re wrong. I know multiple people that weren’t ready to drop $60 that I haven’t seen since Halo 2/3 who are now playing the game because the multiplayer is free.

Putting armors and colors behind paywalls is scummy, no matter how you try to justify it. Blockquote

No it isn’t. With this logic you could say “putting multiplayer/DLC maps behind a paywall is scummy.”

I disagree. See in many F2P models the “Ultimate End Game” becomes fashion. After this season the Yoroi armor will not be obtainable and likely the current Mark7’s Shop armors won’t rotate in after 2 or 3 seasons. Collectors will flock to buy the armor, and after a few seasons there will be people from all over trying to brag about Thier totally unique Spartans that will ultimately be store bought.

A game that does this is Warframe. The way you look has nothing to do with how you play. The basic ground out weapons and frames can ultimately be acquired by grinding. Same with primes if you’re patient enough and lucky.

In MP there is no story. Maybe FF will do it. But the way you look has nothing to do with gameplay. But if it doesn’t matter how we look why is the main objective menu “multiplayer” have a slot for our Spartans to stand, lean, sit wherever?

To some I may be reaching, but in the search for a good home game for my clan and personal squad I’ve seen it. And it’s already been in halo, many just don’t want to admit it.

there’s a difference… a DLC has actual effort put into it. ya know, a new map to mess around it. armor coatings are grabbing pre-established and free customization, and handing it back behind a paywall. ya know… LIKE THE COLOR OF SODDING WHITE. or a BRIGHTER SHADE OF RED.
with games of old, map DLC was fine. the base game already had lots and a ton of good maps to deal with, be it Reach or 3. the DLC was a slightly nice change of pace, with unique maps. but the armor coatings… i don’t want to pay 5-10$ for a different color. like what if someone likes the color white? well i guess they’re gunna have to pay up. ‘oh but it’s free to play, so they have to’ THEN DON’T MAKE IT FREE TO PLAY. ‘oh but some people wanted it to be free’ says sodding who!? now that’s greedy and very picky, not playing a game because ‘oh it isn’t free’. honestly i’d rather pay 80-100 bucks for a game plus expansion, like GAMES OF OLD, if it meant non of this nonsense was a thing. HOLD YOUR GAMES TO HIGHER STANDAREDS PEOPLE


there’s a difference… a DLC has actual effort put into it. ya know, a new map to mess around it.

And all of that is free to the player. You don’t have to pay a dime whenever they release DLC maps. How cool is that! Also, the idea that a $5-$10 doesn’t require any actual effort from artists, engineering, design, or QA is really really dumb. Lower effort than an actual piece of armor? For sure. No effort? Lol

i don’t want to pay 5-10$ for a different color

Then don’t.

like what if someone likes the color white? well i guess they’re gunna have to pay up

What if someone that’s broke likes the free maps in Halo 3? Well I guess they’re gunna have to pay up.

honestly i’d rather pay 80-100 bucks for a game plus expansion, like GAMES OF OLD,

No one cares what you’d rather do, because the majority of players are gonna jump in for free and probably won’t even buy anything from the store and they’ll have a perfectly good time.

I would say that multiplayer map packs, game options, gamemodes and other gameplay related features behind pay walls to be far worse as it affects our ability to enjoy the game.

In addition to this, it should also be noted that map packs behind pay walls do unfortunately also have some undesired consequences of splitting the player population which means that it’s by far much more difficult to play the map pack maps (or gamemodes). My wish with the microtransaction system in Halo Infinite is that it remains limited to none gameplay affecting features.

Free to play was a mistake.


not at all cool. a map has effort put into it, desinging it to not just be three laned, making it make sense that you have to pay for this. you’re paying for more of the game. paying for cosmetics isn’t more of the game, it’s just lazy and low effot

well then they’re gunna have to make due with the already good amount of fun halo 3 maps. simple as that. and yeah, same could be said for the cosmetics. but let’s look at what free cosmetics you get for infinite… one helmet, shoulders, wrist, and three of THE SAME COLORED VISOR. now let’s look at all the free maps you get by defualt in 3 is over 10! ya can deal with that

really? because i’ve seen a lot of players pay and reward 343 for this nonsense. 343 sold infinite on the basis of a better customization system, and being able to get it all through paying the game… they kinda left out the fact that you have to pay for most if not all of it. and true, a lot more are gunna jump into it… and probably be dissapointed with the monetization and honestly terrible gameplay of infinite. also it’s a forum, kinda the point to share preferences and oppinions -v-

but whatever… just a matter of preferences for games i guess. to each there own


Umm gaining new players does not mean they will stay and it’s a great way to put off long term players too. If people refuse to play due to a predatory system then the ‘revenue’ will be in constant decline and there is no incentive to play if a majority of the ‘good’ content is blocked by a paywall with no way to earn. :unamused:

Eg I’m a long term Halo player with an insane of playtime on every Halo and this is the quickest I’ve ever had to drop a Halo game due to a predatory system with a lack of content.


Whoever they are counting on to keep on purchasing these bundles will move on to the next game by the end of the year. I predict <50k Players by January on Steam unfortunately.


The Fortnite model is better, and they release enough content constantly to justify it. 343i is just releasing withheld content as events lmao.


I think you went about this post the wrong way.

Just saying, when has any company ever needed the communities approval?

The only thing we can do is give feedback and hope from there, because what takes place no matter what our opinion is about whatever is out of our control. I would like to think 343 is taking in the feedback and will make proper adjustments, but that remains to be seen.

Id love to see how far this new “hey man, like, they dont have to listen to the community man” nonesense will carry Halo MP, youre not the only one in the thread making this goofy and laughable argument.

This Forum was made specifically so that 343 can better listen to the community.


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I predict <50k Players by January on Steam unfortunately.

…Yes, because that’s literally what happens to every game that ever gets released. Average concurrent players for Halo Infinite the past week has been around 100k (currently 180k people playing). Players dropping by 50% after 2.5/3 months isn’t some big brain Nostradamus prediction.

It’s not about what you think it is, it’s about reality and what will actually take place.

I agree they should listen and actually hear what’s being said, but as I already said, it’s out of our control. We literally have no say in what they do or don’t do.

That’s what I’m looking at.

More than likely this was Microsofts doing since the budget was “500million” and they need to make it back somehow and forced 343 to do so. The crazy part is if 343 was smart they would’ve implemented this alot better.

You want to monetize the armor pieces and colors oh so bad as an absolute sith lord? Cool. BUT give other players the option to unlock them buy leveling them up WITHOUT having to by the battle pass. You satisfy players who will grind for colors ( to an extent) and you have your money grubbing option. A (semi)Win-Win

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I prefere the Halo 5 loot system because it’s faster and you can earn everything without paying.


An ftp model “option” would have been fine by me. But there should be an option to buy it for a fair price and get the passes.
40$/year for battle passes and an additional 20$ for every armour is just the definition of a bad deal.

ya know what, after some thought… if 343 is really going down this path of being f2p and having to pay for cosmetics. i’d be 100% accepting of this, if and only if, there was a way to earn the in game currency without paying. like even if it’s 1 point per weekly/daily challenge, i’d be happy with that