Keep in mind, no one asked for a free multiplayer

No one asked for Infinite MP to be free, I was ready to buy the full game and ‘expansions’ from day -1080

Putting armors and colors behind paywalls is scummy, no matter how you try to justify it. Slowing player progression is scummy.

These people are counting on Zoomers and vets who dont know any better to spend money on things that the Halo community would lovingly put the time in to unlock

Stop this nonesense, 343. Put in good work, for once.


Keep in mind, not you or the community decide what business modell will be used. The market decide. They choosed the one that will make the most money. Companies want to earn as much money as they can…


Well it looks like the market is speaking loud and clear

Will 343 listen to the market in a timely manner before they step into the same exact pile of dung they stepped in with Halo 5?

Let’s see just how much these people “care about Halo”


I think free to play is a great way to build the community, so I’m all for it.

It’s also great for younger gamers who don’t have any money. I remember having to wait for the Gears of War maps to become free so I could play on them.

For Halo 3 I paid for the map packs with money from my paper round haha.


Based on the number of players I’ve seen using eSports skins, battle pass items and the $20 bundle already, I feel like they must be doing very well initially.


“Initially” is a very important word here. Like I said we’ve seen this exact situation before with Halo 5(still havent touched it, along with millions of others)

I wonder how far “initially” is going to carry Halo Infinite MP


The F2P model is so good for games to continually bring in new players and support the game enough they can properly retain players. The constant revenue is a great incentive to bring players back so the game gets more update and support.

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Depends how many viewers they can consistently hold on Twitch

There would be nothing wrong with this model or this modus operandi if there was also unlocks earned in the tradtional halo way…through achievements and a tradtional leveling system

If that was working in tandem with the BP system I don’t think there would be any issues with with
As it stands, with something like 95% of cosmetics locked behind the BP and the in game unlocks being either next to none or pathetic in scope in conjunction with this type of system…Thats the issue, Thats the problem

And they straight up lied about, which is not surprising given their history of doing this is still frustrating none the less


Doesn’t look too good on that end


I know exactly what a F2P model does

The way 343 are going about it is scummy


Halo 5 had a horrible story and a complete shift in gameplay. This is a main reason why Halo 5 was left untouched by many


Exactly. I would have been happy even if we had to pay for the MP and Campaign for $60 like normal then buy a premium BP for $10 every few months to keep the game alive than the crappy system we have now. As is I’ve completed all the achievements we can unlock right now besides the completing a BP one and I really have nothing to work towards right now. The XP system and the luck based challenges ruin it for me and make me not even want to try and complete it. I like to have something to work towards and right now it just feels like I’m being punished for enjoying the game even though I dropped $20 for the BP and a HCS skin on too of buying the $60 campaign… So I’ve spent money towards the game and it still feels like I’m being punished because I’m not unlocking anything in the BP in a timely fashion. I have 24 hours in game and only level 19 in the BP and I’ve used Boosts and Challenges and then on top of that the customization is so whack that even when I do unlock something I still can’t customize my character the way I want because not only are items locked behind a paywall but also locked behind certain armor cores and even the $10 HCS skin I bought is locked to a default Spartan look and I can’t use it with any other armor.

343 needs to make some serious changes otherwise people aren’t going to stick around knowing that they are just being treated like wallets instead of fans of the series.


Yes, and also- people didn’t bother with Halo 5 multiplayer because they didnt want to be killed by guns and vehicles they didnt want to buy in the first place

Remember that infamous “shut your piehole” video?

Yeah, I do. Everyone who didnt touch H5 does.


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Ur the problem, fr youre ignoring everthing wrong just to suck 343s imaginary c@(k, have you read and seen all the issues


U sound like an old man


Haha yes, I am getting there.

Yes and I agree with you there. But that has nothing to do with infinite lol. There is no “pay to win” mechanic like there was in 5

But there are still predatory monetization schemes and throttled player progression- in a Halo game. Locking most of the armor- in a HALO game- behind paywalls is predatory. Slowing down player progression to push battlepasses is predatory.

You can keep playing semantics all day if you want, Ill just end up cancelling my pre-order and blocking people who feign ignorance anyway.

I find this entire conversation to be repulsive.


…Or you can have a conversation like an adult and discuss things. I’m literally agreeing with you on most of what you’re saying anyways. Slow battle progression, Locking most armors behind a paywall. I literally agree with all this dude. But you can’t compare locking cosmetics behind a paywall to a literal “pay-to-win” lootbox mechanic which was the case in Halo 5. It’s one of the reasons why I didn’t bother playing warzone or Halo 5 in general