keep getting put into halo 4's backup server.

jedibri again. so ive come back to halo 4 after a few weeks hiatus due to my gameplay strategy (long story) and i on average can only play halo 4 for about 45-50 minutes before i get knocked offline by the the “The halo 4 servers are not available at this time, please try again later” with the default playlists with a grand total of 13 players on them. several of my friends who i regularly play with have been having the same problem over and over again. the usual fixes no longer work and the only way i can it back to normal is if homescreen and start over again; which with m older xbox causes it to take quite some time. i’ve only been having problems with halo 4, well that and destiny but destiny’s servers aren’t that good. ive been planning on hosting a tournament for H4 but i have no guarantees for it now because i cant stay online to manage it! if anyone else is having this problem please respond and post new fixes if possible. (Edit: I forgot to mention i know what the cause is, but currently no fixes work for it. the weird thing is the servers are not even close to being full, so its not the same issue that happened when it first launched.)