Keep getting kicked from Arena and Warzone

I’ve been playing Halo 5 and since the Hammer update I’ve been getting kicked from Arena and Warzone games just out of the blue. Sometimes when I play them I can complete them but just recently I tried to play 4 Team Arena games and got kicked from them all. I know my internet isn’t the greatest as I have 15 download and 10 upload with Satellite Internet, but before the Hammer patch I was never getting booted or very rarely. Now I can’t complete a game.

Is it being booted from the actual game (eg you were playing and it disconnects you )
Or is it connecting to a game and then prior to the game actually starting you lose connection to the server .

Ive had both of these issues myself (not super frequently)
Typically its good to restart Halo 5 (quit the game in the dashboard and start it back up) as this fixes a couple of issues , such as not being able to access req’s in warzone

When I get into a game it kicks me anywhere from a minute to 5 minutes or more into the game.

I have been booted twice from arena lobby and twice from mid game Warzone today.