Keep Forge Out of Matchmaking

So, I see a lot of posts about putting forge maps into the matchmaking rotation. I beg you, please, please, please do not.

Forge maps are always the worst maps. They are dull and uninspired and honestly lazy on the part of the developer. There has been maybe one or two forge maps in the entirety of the Halo franchise that are “okay”. Foundry being one of them, but even that map had real problems.

The maps are dull with their colors and environments, they always play horribly, and are just generally unimaginative.

I support the development of forge and forge variants, but please leave them for custom games.

I hated playing Reach doubles and getting 3 normal maps and 27 terrible forge variants. God that was awful.

I honestly loved the forge maps that halo 3 integrated in halo 3 and one of the few things Reach did right was have a huge set of forge maps integrated in Halo Reach multiplayer.

I’m all for it.

At the very least there should be a playlist for forge maps only if people are against them being with the other real maps. Halo 3 did it with maptacular playlist which I wish was still around. So many great creations that made multiplayer more fresh.

> Forge maps are always the worst maps.

The best maps in Halo Reach were Forge maps…

Oh, if they want to add a playlist with forge maps be my guest. They should in fact since the forge is an awesome tool. However, the vast majority of forge maps just seem to be plan awful. Even if they are good they are dull and uninspired because of the palette limitations of the forge itself.

if some remakes of the more fun maps and gametypes from halo 3’s infection made it into flood it would make it more enjoyable for me rather than just the standard maps.

but i can understand your concerns for the more competitive gametypes like slayer. the maps in the past have been unbalanced and some just downright rubbish. although i do admit ive seen a few good ones in the past where the forgers have clearly took time on maps, playing them and modifying them to work better.

Forge maps tend to be really good just dull looking but thanks to 3 smaller forge pallets we have more options.

TC, I completely disagree with everything you just said, but I respect your opinion. Lol.

Let me put it this way: This is why I am suggesting a forge playlist. Standard gametypes, from slayer to CTF to KoTH will be featured, and the maps are all community maps. This way, the forge maps get their deserved attention (because lets face it, quite a few people [myself included] have created better multiplayer maps in forge than the devs did through coding) and the people who don’t like the maps don’t have to play them.


> > Forge maps are always the worst maps.
> The best maps in Halo Reach were Forge maps…

And with a single glance at complex, it appears likely the same may happen for Halo 4 as well.

Lolwut? The only good Reach maps were Forge ones. (Well, some of them)

Oh god, you know not which you say.

Forge maps were the saving grace of Halo Reach, and after playing the same 6 maps in H4 over and over we could use a influx of new forge maps.

I think if we had a community slayer and a community objective playlist it would be awesome.

Either that or deligate a spot on the vote list for Forge maps.

I am mixed when it comes to Forge. I found the Forge maps in Halo 3 to be splendid. Foundry, in particular, was a favorite of mine. On the other hand, Forge maps in Halo: Reach made it unbearable for me and I left the game within one month of release.

The major difference in Forge between Halo 3 and Halo: Reach was the aesthetics. I am very much driven by map design, layout, and battle flow – after all, I am an engineer and I make a living in creating layouts – I found the visually repetitive nature of the Halo: Reach maps to be a salient point in my early departure from Halo MM.

It seems that Halo 4 has taken a step forward in art direction and allowed for more creative and visually appealing maps to be crafted, and for that I support the inclusion of Forge in MM.

I second the idea that a Forge-dedicated playlist should be made for community maps, I would call this Forge Labs. The data mining analysis done by 343 would support review for select maps that could be transferred to other playlists in one form or another.

If they do put Forge maps into rotation it should be a seperate playlist.

Eh, personally I believe the Forge Maps in Halo 3 were the only ones I enjoyed. I absolutely hated the Forge Maps in Halo: Reach, myself. Sandbox was amazing, and Foundry was “eh.” Then, throw in the Bungie Day maps and you had some good stuff.

With Reach I was sick and tired of seeing all of that gray, and not to mention most of the Forge Maps were atrocious. Pinnacle and Uncaged, being the absolute worst in the bunch and those were developer-made!

What are you talking about? Some of the best MLG maps in Reach and Halo 3 were forge maps.

> > Forge maps are always the worst maps.
> The best maps in Halo Reach were Forge maps…

Other than Highlands and Boardwalk Reach didn’t have many maps going for it. Atleast the MLG forges and some Arena ones were decent.

DoobieMoto do you realize how many people you are insulting with that statement, “Forge maps are always the worst maps”?

The sooner forge maps get put into matchmaking the better. The maps on disc are complete disasters (with the exception of MAYBE Haven).

I’d love to know why Relay - which came preloaded on the disc - isn’t already included, seeing as it’s probably the best map on disc.

If the default maps were better I’d be okay with no forge in matchmaking, but with how poor the current selection is, and how poor it will continue to be (3 maps in a map pack doesn’t help much, especially when only like 2 will be good) forged maps need to be included.

Lol we are all different and entitled to our opinions and i hated the forge maps in reach all played horribly and looked terrible, perhaps they could be a bit in halo 4 with the diffident environments ect and not just a boring grey colour pallet.

The default maps in reach were also horrible though reach was just in general bad. The new maps in Halo 4 though i find quite enjoyable and like to play on them all just wish sometimes other people would vote for other maps though however playing on Haven all the damn time gets quite repetitive lol.

If forge maps made it into rotation they could just have two regular maps and one forge map in the voting lobby. That way if the map truley was bad it could be voted out.