Keep fileshare and campaign theatre in H5 >:(

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-Halo 4 removed campaign theatre from Halo for NO good reason.
-Halo MCC removed fileshare browser from Halo for NO good reason.
-Halo 5 removed split-screen from Halo for NO good reason.
It seems that each Halo game keeps removing a feature. So much for next gen. "Welcome to next gen, where we step backwards instead of forwards :D".
Its fine if 343 wants to remove stuff, but these 3 modes. Campaign theatre, Fileshare,and Splitscreen have all been removed for litterally NO good reason.
If we keep going down this backwards route, expect Halo 6 to remove forge mode. Why? Cause why not! 343 all I ask is that you provide a good reason for removing these modes! 343 said Halo 4 had no campaign theatre due to engine restraints… yet GameCheat13 managed to make it work just fine. 343 never provided an explination for the lack of fileshare in MCC, wich is a shame because it has the best forge yet. And the reason for the lack of split screen in Halo 5 is because it will mess with the 60fps, thats not a good reason…
Please redeem Halo 5 by bringing back fileshare and campaign theare, please 343? It will make up for the lack of split-screen. Do it for the fans :smiley: <3