Keep disconnecting randomly for no reason

I recently got back into Halo 5 after not being able to play it in a while. I like to play SWAT a lot and was excited when I was awarded the rank of platinum one for the season. However thanks to all the random disconnects I’ve been dropped to gold 6.I have good internet and am not doing anything to intentionally quit and I was led to believe that once you were in a bracket you couldn’t drop back down. Now I know it’s a long shot but can you guys plz fix this somehow? Also my gamertag is silentwolf3794 not sure what that summerfiber is?


This is me… apparently I used wrong email…

I believe most disconnects are router hardware configuration issues. If you look at my game history, I play every day, pretty much since launch. On 8.15.18 I replaced my xbox, new xbox. I began to get kicked out of games, random disconnects, check all of the DNF’s since then. All disconnects. For the two years previous I was not having these issues with my old xbox. Beginning on 9.5, no more DNF’s. This is how I fixed the DNF problem. In my router settings:

  • I gave the xbox a unique assigned IP address. - I turned off automatic UPNP - I set up the xbox IP address as DMZ - For good measure I hard reset before I play once a day.I am wired, with an open NAT always been. The above worked for me. Good luck.