Keep disconnecting from live and halo4 server

Since the new Spartan ops and the second DLC update I keep losing connection to the halo 4 servers and disconnecting from Xbox live even though I’m still in an Xbox live party, I can still speak to my friends, just not play games online,
If I dashboard I get an error message saying some features are not available at this time,

I can normally get 1 match of online play,(sometimes not even that)and not even a single Spartan ops mission without losing connection,
If I disconnect during a match I can finish it, but I lose my load outs, and my stats don’t save, kills and challenges,

I can play other games fine, it just seems halo that messes up my connection,
If anyone has/had this problem and knows how to fix it, that would be awesome.
thanks :slight_smile:


It’s not you it’s Xbox Live. They have been having problems with matchmaking and have yet to fix it. Here’s a trick that worked for me: Go to the dashboard and log out of your gamer profile and start up Halo 4. When they ask you to sign in, sign back into your gamer profile and try to join matchmaking, it should work.

well there are a few Diagnosis for you disconnection.

  1. your connection might be suffering from some problems and to check and see I would try this page. will give you all the info on your connection.

  2. it might be your regional connection and in that case I would contact your ISP.

  3. it might as well be Xbox live. in that case take a break from halo for a couple of days then go back and see if things have changed.

and if worse comes to worse, I would just buy a new router, well i its your connection and all,(just thought I would throw that out there :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, it doubled my playable time, anythings better than nothing