KDA Issue

How exactly does KDA work? I assumed it was kills/assists divided by deaths. but when I look at my service record the numbers are crazy off. my overall KDA says its -0.6 with 1,056 kills, 633 assists and 1,368 deaths which equates to 1.2 KDA so why am I negative 0.6?

The formula is a little more complicated than people realize. It’s KILLS plus (ASSISTS/3) minus DEATHS and then take that whole number and divide it by the number of MATCHES you’ve played. I swear. I’m not making this up.

P.S. Just to be clear (ASSISTS/3) means your number of assists times point three. They’re meant to count only a third as much as a kill.

holy mother of god…thats not just kda thats some quantum math or -Yoink-…lol