KD relation to highs and low ranks, what's yours?

I was looking at my highest rank and lowest. I noticed when I got daimond my kd was 0.718 with 62% w/l but surprisingly in gold my kd is 1.636 and 53% w/l.

What is yours like, is kd even relative?

I suppose it is because the higher the rank the more competitive the game becomes. And sometimes the KD drops much more.

Im at 1.060 and I go between Gold to Diamond, depending on the playlist. Granted I’m a pretty average not overly competitive player

My KDA is 3.3 and I’m a Diamond/Platinum player.
KD: 1.190

For this season my K/d’s
Slayer: 1.498 ____54% win____Rank Onyx- 1944
Team arena: 1.115 ___50% win____Rank- Onyx 1912
doubles: 1.713 ____75% win_____Rank -Onyx 1694
Breakout 1.350 ____45% win_____Rank -Onyx 1530

When you get a higher skill rank your kd will drop, because of how good everyone is.

My kd is negative 1 or something because I got a really bad start to Halo 5 but on my second account (D4NK SKIRMISH if you don’t believe me) my kd is 1 point something.