KBM input is being shafted for seemingly, no reason?

Analog vs WASD. The everlasting KBM vs Controller argument…and the BR75.

This isn a post for clarification on why KBM users are completely shafted from this game’s mechanics and why the strengths of KBM are simultaneously weaknesses. Something here has to give, there is absolutely no reason to run KBM on this game besides challenging yourself to become a better player with the input. I’ve been on both sides of the playing field, played on a controller for well over a decade and I’m on my second year of PC gaming. I’m not just talking, but speaking from experience.

Generally speaking I believe KBM has an advantage over controller in FPS titles granted the KBM player has developed lazer beam type tracking. I attribute this mostly to the MOUSE. Because in a FPS on KBM you may not have the best CONTROL over your movement, but as long as you have that raw aim to apply the damage needed to secure a kill, a lot of the times you’re going to be the victor. Right? Okay, cool.

Here’s where KBM just gets completely shafted by Halo’s mechanics, focusing on the BR, for obvious reasons…

1.) Raw aim does not decide BR fights.

So immediately, the strongest aspect of the input doesn’t have the same effect it does in other FPS titles. This mainstay of KBM input is also the most important balancing factor of AA when crossplay is involved imo. Huge problem here. We all know the AA in the Halo series stronger than pretty much any other shooter in existence, which is fine. But my raw aim that would NORMALLY combat the AA, and the main point of using the input to start with, simply does not matter for most engagements. Especially in ranked.

You can track someone with the mouse at 100% consistency in this game and still need 1-2 bursts from the BR to finish your target. This is absurd, and the main reason KBM doesn’t really see any representation in the community. The entire point of playing KBM is to excel at raw aim, if the game’s flagship weapon doesn’t reward that…why even use the input to begin with?

2.) Having top tier control over gradual movement is what decides BR fights.

Again, IMMEDIATELY KBM gets shafted again. The usual argument for KBM being on an even playing field is “Well y’all have a faster strafe!”. Well, that strafing “advantage” is both a blessing and curse. The strength of aim assist in Halo already greatly diminishes the effectiveness of strafing. And if that isn’t enough unless you have mastered control of an analog keyboard, gradual movement with a keyboard is a nightmare. I’ve always hated that aspect of KBM, but at least I had the other strong point of the input (raw aim) to offset that shortcoming.

…But that doesn’t even work here.

3.) Aim Assist

Aim assist isn’t here for the reasons you would think. It’s actually listed here for everything ELSE it does besides simply helping controller aim.

3a.) There’s a strafe-aiming coordination that decides these BR battles and the aim assist gives you SO much time to react and adjust for the enemy strafe. The sheer amount of reaction time a controller player has to my strafe alone is already insane. So much in fact, when playing this game I rarely strafe with the intention to outplay enemies. My primary reason for strafing is to maintain consistent 4 shots, since my mouse can’t do it alone. (That sounds crazy re-reading it. I’m playing an FPS and I’m not strafing to make the other player miss, nooo. I’m strafing to make sure I’M the one who doesn’t miss. Let that sink in.)

THIS is the main reason controller is so much more consistent than KBM at the moment. The other input just flat out has a massive advantage in reaction time.

KBM doesn’t get that precious reaction time gifted. When the enemy strafes, meaning every direction, any crouching or jumping. It all has to be adjusted to IMMEDIATELY without jerking your reticle even the tiniest amount. You don’t have the aim assist to help your reaction time. Now factor in the “advantage” of immediate strafing we KBM players have that lacks gradual movement and boom. You’re in a situation where you must take every fight with near perfect reaction time and mouse/key coordination or you’re going to die. There is entirely too much room for error, and not enough reward for the KBM input here.

3b.) Bullet Mag Interactions

The aim assist acts like a multiplier for bullet magnetization. The best way I can explain is with the difference in weapon feel between inputs.

Two weapons that have an undeniably stronger presence in a controller players hands because of how the bullet mag interact with the aim assist.

  1. Weak Strengths

“You can turn fast”
“You can nade from floor faster”
“You can do “X” faster”

Because of the way Halo plays controller can still do all of those things and produce the same result as fast as it NEEDS to be done in nearly every situation. Even if KBM was 5 times faster, a lot of that speed is simply wasted because of how slow of a game Halo is. You just don’t need it. It looks cool, feels good and helps movement, but for core Halo play controller is a more than adequate input for anything you need done in this game. I’m tired of seeing the massive imbalance between these inputs being defended by nothing other than “Mouse go Brrrrr” in one of the slowest FPS games ever.

It legitimately feels like every strong point of KBM and its reason for being many people’s choice of input holds absolutely no weight in this game. Every aspect of the mechanics in Infinite are actively working against the input. At the very least the BR burst should hit all 3 bullets given correct crosshair placement on shots taken from optimal range. Tighten the spread a little bit within and certain range, and even then, with all the other compromises of the input that would be enough.

This would allow console players to continue to laser but also give KBM something to even the playing field. Aim assist can stay strong and provide the boost controller needs to be competitive. But also KBM could be rewarded for the raw tracking requirement of the input.

I’m not an esports player obviously but I’m 1700 Onyx KBM Only/1630 Onyx Crossplay. Not the best but a generally solid player. The gud has been gitten, cause I know someone is coming to say just that.



100% agree but you’re preaching to the choir my guy


Small weapon tweaks won’t change anything. Plus the BR has effectively zero spread as it is. There is no situation in any of the 4v4 maps, especially now that Behemoth is out, where it’s spread is a factor. It’s slight recoil is a bigger deal but even it’s not hard to deal with.

The only real advantage to Mouse I’ve found is that I can easily shoot the nades at people’s feet. People have sort of gotten used to thinking about nade spawners as hazards but nobody expects the roaming banana peels. It’s a shame we can’t air burst nades in this Halo.

Anyways, to solve the balance issue 343 has to tune aim assist for the top 10% of Controller players or announce Mouse only tournaments. Just saying they don’t care about cross input balance and giving up is also an option. I’m open to any of the above. Their current strat of saying and doing nothing is the worst route they could be taking.


How would you react to being punished for being good at the game?


If you’re good at Controller then an AA nerf would be a reward not a punishment. There would be a bigger mechanical skill gap at all levels. You could also pair it with the removal of bullet magnetism on Mouse so mediocre Mouse players aren’t punching above their weight anymore.

I wouldn’t worry about it though. I would be extremely surprised if 343 does anything let alone actually tries to adjust the game’s balance specifically to address Mouse vs Controller.

That’s why my first choice is for them to give up. Preferably with Mouse only tournaments so Mouse Halo still exists. But I’d appreciate the honesty of a “we don’t care” announcement just as much.


The skill floor compared to the ceiling in PC games is so so vast. It’s maybe the most noticeable thing when I went from 15 years on consoles to PC.

The Aim assist on controller really does give everyone a chance. Not that it’s a bad thing at all; it’s just very noticeable when you compare the two platforms.

Might be nice the widen that gap a little more on console games though. Getting sprayed down with a laser accurate AR with phenomenal aim assist really doesn’t feel good.

If you’re good at First Person Shooters, you are good at aiming, have good hand-eye coordination, and have good reaction time. You have all 3, you’re going to be good at shooters. Bottom line.

If an aim assist tweak were to happen that stopped the current strength of the aim assist from trivializing all three of these things at once and all of a sudden you became bad…were you that good of a player to begin with? Or at that point was the AA more of a crutch for your shortcomings in those areas.

Ask yourself that.


This has to be bait, right?

"Tell me you have no reading comprehension without telling me you have no reading comprehension."

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In his defence nerfing AA would be a reward for higher level players. They are better at the game and are able to dedicate more time to learning the game.

The casual audience are the ones being nerfed since it makes the game less pickup and play. As a result higher tier players get more kills. Thus meaning players who practice more are better at the game.

If you are in the top 10% of players, it means you’re good at the game. If they only nerf the top 10%, you are being nerfed for being good at the game. People who are actually good at video games don’t like that.


Oh yeah it would be idiotic to try to manipulate the settings on some players and not others. Logistically it wouldn’t make sense.

An overall adjustment is what I was referring to.

Tell me you don’t understand what I’m trying to get across. without telling me you aren’t trying to understand it to begin with. I’ll dumb it down for you.

AIM, HAND-EYE COORDINATION, REACTION TIME. Or you can just refer to those as THE main factors in which make a player good or bad at any shooter, are being trivialized simultaneously in Halo Infinite, by AA alone.

This is a SINGLE mechanic with the purpose of making AIM competitive for controller players. However the strength of AA is so strong in this game that it provides aid in all THREE of these areas.

There are literal videos on Youtube titled or with thumbnails telling players to just “Aim with their left stick”. “Yeah dude just aim with your movement bro.” Lmao. I wonder what mechanic even makes something like that possible to say or advise in an FPS.

Just cut the crap. You’ve already responded in a manner most controller players do when they have absolutely nothing of value to add to the discussion, or can’t produce any counter argument besides insulting me.


Agreed. I really want them to just say they don’t give a flying…or just anything. We know its crap, they know its crap. Like why support crossplay if you aren’t even going to support a healthy competitive playing field for it?


You literally can’t read and it’s embarrassing.

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Nice one. Real knee-slapper there.


The fact that ther isn’t a single KBM pro or KBM player over 1900 elo on the crossplay queue should be proof enough that this game isn’t actually crossplay, it’s controller focused.

Graslu (pro kbm player for years) is on 2400 elo on solo/duo KBM and around 1600 elo on crossplay, this is proof that no matter how skilled you are you can’t reach the top thousands in Halo on mouse.

This community has to realize that both inputs should be viable if the game has a chance to stand the test of time, on Apex 50% of pros are on Controller and 50% on KBM and that’s why that game thrives so much everywhere, bigger community, higher esport prize pools, etc.

Controller/KBM players should play together on the same team, then and only then will you see the 250k+ online steam PC players return (most of them were KBM, my friends that stopped playing cause of the unballance included)


I’m so sick of PC players complaining about aim assist, I’ve been playing Halo and FPS games for 20 years and this game by a country mile has the lowest aim assist out of any game I’ve played. PC has a massive advantage at long range fights when aim assist doesn’t kick in and it feels like the shock rifle was designed specifically for PC players. PC also has a huge advantage by being able to strafe way faster than controller players, and being able to run much higher sensitivities. If you lower aim assist anymore it will completely kill the player base for controller players. We should just have the option to turn off crossplay so I never have to play a PC player again.


Aiming in general is pretty -Yoink- in Halo Infinite.


As a KBM player who complained about controller forever:

Learn to aim with your strafe like controller players do and you are barely at a disadvantage in 1v1s. KBM is 90% as good as controller in BR 1v1s if you do this and better at everything else.

I am 1600 Onyx in open queue playing solo. Unless you plan to go pro, the controller advantage is just an excuse we make because we dont know how to adapt our play style to KBM. once you learn, KBM is fine.


This game has less than 1k views at this moment on twitch. I didn’t ask for an AA nerf, I asked for KBM ballancing, maybe some extra bullet magnetism or whatever. Thia game won’t thrive on the zbox community alone, why are you so afraid of having both KBM and controller pros? If this game was marketed as crossplay and controller was bad I would’ve stood up for you guys.