Kamikaze Grunts/Enemy Creativity In Infinite

One thing I’m absolutely excited for in Infinite’s gameplay is how grunts will be more of a threat. Grunts were always cannon fodder (and they still are), but I love how 343 is uniquely increasing their threat level and effectiveness during battle. In infinite, the grunts can be thrown at you by brutes while they’re holding cooked sticky grenades. That’s a feature I am going to enjoy witnessing. I wonder how that’s going to look like in a legendary playthrough. This begs the question though, aside from grunts possessing an upgraded usefulness on the battlefield I’m curious to see how other banished enemies are going to interact with each other to take down the Chief.

What’s new with Jackals, Brutes, and Elites? What are some things you guys wish to see them do during conflict? I know Jackals are now able to activate their shield whenever in critical danger, (that’s a new feature right? Lol)

I think it’d be cool if some jackal shields would reflect the damage back onto you if you tried to melee them, forcing you to alternate to a precision takedown on the fly.

Elite rage: Elites, after their shields are broken, they have the chance to start rapidly dodging and going after the player with an energy sword, causing the player to have to react quickly.