Kalon Recruitment (New Halo Clan w/ pictures)

Welcome to Kalon, a new Halo 5 clan.
Who are we? We are a social & competitive Halo 5 clan. How active are we? We are on almost every day, without dispute.
What do we do? Recruit, train and play competitive and social clan-made custom games. Our focus is on group-related content, competition, fun customs and clan-wars.

  • We are looking for new leaders -What maps do we as a clan use?

Kalon Dojo (recruitment facility) - All images - Imgur: The magic of the Internet Camp Valour (outdoor training) [in-construction] - Imgur: The magic of the Internet Camp Trident (more experienced training) [in-construction] Future Camp Brutal [in-construction, TBA]
*Each map takes roughly 3-5 days to complete

  • Good and solid leadership (is a must)

  • Competitive & Social activies alike (4v4/3v3/2v2/1v1/BTB/Arena/Warzone/Social)

  • There is no age limit
    (But we will split older players with younger players when required)

  • You don’t have to join a Spartan Company to join Kalon, but instead join our Xbox Club and Discord Server

  • There is currently 10 ranks and no classes (I’ll reveal them to players who ask)
    What is my gamertag? “Kairo” My ALT is “Sevenade”
    Lastly I am looking for USA Leadership to host American lobbies (to bring in more of the international community). If you are interested, feel free to message my ALT “Sevenade”.
    /Thanks for reading