K/D Ratio Gametype Separation

One thing I find frustrating in previous Halo Matchmaking games is the players that don’t play for the Objective in the Objective gametypes. It really skews the K/D ratios. One thing I would like to see is a K/D Ratio for “Slayer” gametypes and a different K/D Ratio for “Objective” gametypes.

I’m not sure if the suits in charge of Reach realize that there needs to be more credit emphasis (sorry that makes me laugh, the idea of it) for objectives and less on getting kills in this playlist. But they need to make this change. Also give winning more credits, because your typical Reach player is credit starved and will do anything for them (notice the boost of Premium Slayer and Battle from 700 - 2000 players after the announcement of the credit jackpot).

KD still means a lot in objective too tho. just not nearly as much as in slayer. if you have a high KD in objective you might just be the main slayer, which is ALWAYS important for a successful objective team to have (as long as they actually pick up the damn flag when they wipe the enemy team, etc.).

i think WIN% is another important factor.

i’d really like to see win% when playing with 1 friend, win% when playing with 2 friends, etc. etc. etc. all the way up to win% playing with 8 friends (maxing at the max players per team in the playlist, obviously lolz). win% is a good indication of skill, but if you have more friends its more reliable i’d say.

They have that on Bungie.net. You can see your stats in each playlist.

What’d really fix the problem is only giving a fixed, lower-amount of cR for losing, and the standard payouts for winning across all playlists.

K/d doesn’t mean a lot. I mean having a 2 k/d is good but if you just play invasion or big team battle it’s really easy. As long as you kill people when it’s slayer and go for the objective then that’s all that should matter.