Justifications (or lack thereof).


My Background
I want to start this out by saying I am a die hard Halo fan. I’ve been playing the franchise since I was only 10 years old. This franchise has been basically the main reason I even play video games or keep myself up to date on them. I was never upset or anything when Bungie gave 343 the key to their house. I was interested, rather.

In my personal opinion, I thought Halo 4 was a pretty decent game. It seemed to branch off a little too much from the first trilogy but I was totally okay with it. I thought the story, like alot of the community, was a little confusing at first, but after another play-through or two and some research I learned to love it alot more.

As Halo 5: Guardians approached and Hunt The Truth Season 2 was winding up, I got incredibly excited as I had still refrained myself from spoilers or any streams or anything like that. But once I booted up the campaign at about 1:30 AM after the midnight release (call me old school but I like to actually go stand in line for it), I found out more and more about the game that I really was not satisfied with. At all. MAYBE some of these can be righteously explained but some or these… Well… Just aren’t.

Here are my stories. DUN DUN. [Law and Order anybody? No? Just me? Sweet.]

What 343 Industries Can’t Justify:

1: Split Screen
Maybe I’m beating a dead horse, but what the fudge 343? I literally grew up falling in love with this series by playing campaign with my older brother and sitting in on his LAN parties. Maybe some people don’t really care about the Split Screen but I feel like a majority of the community still has to be pissed about this. 343i, you literally created THREE other mentally-handicapped spartans (See 2. Campaign “Teammates”) that are forced to stay with you the entire game. How could you POSSIBLY justify removing the function of someone picking up a controller and deciding which one of your terrible spartan AIs to play as? I don’t think anybody EVER complained about playing as a Master Chief clone (better than not playing as Master Chief at ALL in this game [See 4. Who’s The Main Character?]), the Arbiter or a regular Elite. At least all of them could actually take a bullet (see 3. Honorable Mention).

2. Campaign "Teammates"
Did anybody else find the AI absolutely useless? Correction: Did anybody else only let the AI commit suicide just to draw fire away from you? Between their obsession with you (not walking away more than 2 feet from you) and their lack of reviving “skills” (covering your dead body by standing in front of you while reviving you thus dying before picking you up?), I found these AI to be absolute

-POOP-Yup. Said it. #SorryNotSorry

3. Campaign. Period.
Story? There was a story? Did we play the same Halo 5: Guardians? Did I play the 3rd party version? Was this a Wildcatz production?
This game lacked MAJOR story. I think alot of us probably theorized that Halo 5 was going to be about finding Cortana due to the ending of 4 and the trailer of 5 where Chief grips her computer chip (1:40 of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blW40AVWXrE). But this game hardly revolved around that even though they tried to make it about that. It was basically all about Osiris the entire time. Who, might I add, nobody cared about it compared to Blue Team who you might as well have not played as at all.
Oh I’m sorry. You’re right. You DID play as Chief.

3. Honorable Mention
This is more of an afterthought. Did anybody else feel like the addition of terrible Spartan AIs made your individual character weaker? It feels like they expect the AI to do more work so they make you worse.

4. Who’s The Main Character?
Please answer the followings questions with either True or False.
In this campaign, you play as Master Chief. True.
In this campaign, you play as Spartan -Yoink-. True.
In this campaign, it makes sense to center TWELVE (12) missions of the 15-mission campaign, LITERALLY 75% of the game, around a brand new character with hardly any exposition or development to him. False.
There is NO justification that can come to this logic. How did somebody look at the campaign mission list and go: “Guys, wtf. There are only 3 Chief missions. I thought this was Halo?”. This feels like reading the 6th Harry Potter book, but only having Harry in 7 of the 30 chapters and following the Half-Blood Prince for the other 23.

5. Forcing Specific Playlists
To me, BTB is an absolute classic. It is most definitely my favorite gametype of all time. I hate the fact that we are stuck with only a few ranked playlists and warzone. 343, I understand you want us to love and enjoy your new, slightly above mediocre playlist, but forcing it on somebody isn’t the way to go. Don’t you know that’s not how love goes? Can’t just rape somebody and expect them to like it.

6. REQ Packs
I’m not even going to touch this one. The community can handle this absurd overflow of Mongeese and Needlers.

Look guys. This is straight opinion. I know how the world works. One decision makes alot of people mad, while that same decision makes alot of people happy. However, I do feel as if that decision should typically be made off of the majority opinion. I HIGHLY doubt no matter what kind of gamers were in their focus group that at least half of them said, “Yeah I would MUCH rather sacrifice split screen to have NPCs as teammates in the solo campaign that don’t know how to fight. I think everybody would agree with me.” Please feel free to quote and dissent and agree. I’m not looking to start any form of argument. I really would like to know what some other people think. Additionally, do not mistake this as a “deuces”-type post. In no way am I going to stop playing Halo (primarily due to my lack of funds). These are just things I felt like were shoved to the side to mainly focus on multiplayer or a release date.
Feel free to hate me for all of my opinions, click on my name, view my Service Record and then try to hurt my feelings by using my Service Record against me.
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We need split screen back.

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