Just wondering if these are things others are seeing

So I noticed something odd on this. Players having their shields dropped and then just eating damage. Got a triple kill and the last player shields dropped. But ate a few shots and killed me. And 2 of my teammates were shooting this person as well. And they just kept eating with their shields down.

Another thing is team balance. Noticed this and jumped to my wife’s account and played some. On my account I was getting teams balanced like this:

Myself: Platinum 6
Teammate 1: Gold 1
Teammate 2: Gold 2
Teammate 3: Platinum 3

Player 1: Diamond 1
Player 2: Diamond 2
Player 3: Diamond 1
Player 4: Platinum 5

I just cannot figure it out. There is literally no reason. The other team often will have 3 people on PC. Sometimes only 2 or the full 4 though. Never have I noticed only 1 and I have been checking for the last 30 or so matches. Just not balanced at all. My teams typically are all Xbox. You can tell by going to their profile and see what platform they are on.

This jumps me to another thing. Spawning. Lost a CTF on my account because, although we all went positive and I was 28-11 and the other team were all well negative, they kept spawning in better positions. Combine that with players eating multiple sniper headshots and it was almost impossible. Yeah, it went to OT. But even though I got 3 of their 4 the other was able to sprint through too much damage straight to their capture point. And I certainly hit enough to kill more than once.

I think between all the games I have played the last week between my account and my wife’s account I have won exactly 0. No matter what. On slayer I have seen people just take grenades. Like take my grenade, shields drop, eat multiple hits in the head with the BR, kill me, and take grenades and shots from teammates and just wipe them all. If I was not seeing it sure. But seeing it is believing.

Insane to look at the stats and see that I hit 61% and did a lot of damage. Both most in the match. Had the most headshot kills. And my teammate is second at 54% and second in headshots. Then the other team shoots anywhere from 27%-38% and barely has any headshot kills. Not a lot of grenade kills either. Yet they manage to win the game. My teammate went 9-21 and had several clips of hitting people with full mags only to lose. And in several of those I was shooting said player.

Just something feels off. Testing our networks seems fine. Mine was showing Nat: Open Ping: 11 MS Down 897.51 Mbps Up: 618.32 Packet Loss: 0%. And his was similarly good. I just cannot figure it out.

I fully agree with the balancing of the teams point you have mentioned. I check after every game what rank everyone is. Quite often I’m up against diamond players with no diamond players on my team. I’m at Plat 4 trying to get to diamond but just can’t. I’m probably running at about 40% -50% winrate. I got to plat5 dropped to plat 3 and clawed back to plat 4.

I don’t know show they balance the teams, I do think I am near my skill cap as against a few diamond players I sometimes get absolutely steam rolled along with the team.

Regarding hits/damage not registering, there are several post I’ve read about their being an issue so you may be correct in your assumption that something is not quite right. The only experience I have had is on back slaps. Sometimes I am behind a player, hit them, and they don’t die so my hit is not registering as a back slap. Hopefully this kind of thing will be sorted out on maintenance updates I the near future.

There is definitely a matchmaking issue. I am on PC and am about Onyx 1700, and I had a Gold 5, unranked, and Diamond 1 on my team. I played against all Onyx/Diamond (which is normal), why would I have teammates in Gold and Unranked when I am Onyx?

Also to comment on your issue with players taking way more damage than seemingly possible, I would guess it would be desync and hit registration issues. Myself, being on PC (with a controller), have noticed console players seem to hit perfects like its nothing. I believe I am hitting my shots too but it seems some of my shots are even damaging them, not to mention the amount of “phantom” melees I have gotten. I can’t speak for how it feels on console, but I believe the biggest issue here is the servers, and the ability for console and PC players to play together (for now at least), the tick rate of Halo servers are ENTIRELY too slow.

I’m curious to know if you been experiencing desync and shots/melees doing zero (like literally zero) damage while playing on console, and if you have found that to be happening when playing against PC players?

Either the team balancing is terrible or there isn’t enough people playing to make a reasonable balance. I’ve seen some wildly lopsided team balancing.