Just wanted to say "Thank You 343"

For the first time in about three or four years me and my 3 buddies all got online and played together. Halo 4 brought us back to our roots of high school lan parties and late night Xbox Live sessions. I can truly say this has been the best experience in a Halo game since Halo 2, and 3. I was honored to fight along side my friends in multiplayer. And after several matches I just went WOW this is Halo again. So BIG BIG BIG shout out to you guys. Much appreciation from a Halo fan boy that stretches back to Halo 2 on the Xbox.

the same thing happened to me and my friends. we use to always play customs on halo 3 but when reach came out we all slowly left halo and now halo 4 has brought us back together online

Strangely enough, after playing through Halo 4, I want to go back and experience the last three games again. I fell out of Halo-fandom for a few years and this game brought me back, fully interested again.

Thanks for doing a swell job 343 :smiley:

Thank you guys for sharing some of your stories glad there are others out there experiencing the same thing.

Truthfully. I’ve always felt all the Halo games are the same in MP.